Experimental Mode – Baptiste, Mei, and Fine-Tuning Health

To be honest:

Baptiste - That’s good change, looking at fire rate and heal ability it’s enaugh to keep you and you’r teammates alive (until Rainhart run to enemy, die and blame you as usual XD ), large Ultimate is 50:50, it depends who and how you use it. But I like it.

Yeet - +25HP I accept that :wink: I would more focus on her repair pack at least ad 3s heal durations after restore how much was it? 60hp? so after that +3s of passive heal just like Moira spray heal.

McCree - faster reload it’s ok, +25 for me it’s a no. I think that 200 is optimal and enough for him.

The Demon from Hell… I mean Mei - Ice Wall well that 1 s kind of help, Kriostaza gives you 60 ammo and that makes 6shots or 4-5s of ice thrower (forgot name) enaugh for froze and shot 2 times (tested on traicer).

Literally God from Heaven - Symmetra - +25 shield, IDK for me it’s 50:50
I love play symm and sometimes +25shield is what I need but sometimes this would be a little too much. But I like it :wink:

WidowMaker - -25HP and Im cool with it, she’s not a mobility hero but it’s reasonable.

That’s a good changes

She’s a sniper. The tradeoff for being able to instantly delete people from across the map is less health, that’s how every other game handles it


Well, to be fair, Window is pretty much the only reason Bap is played as of right now. He really is the lowest picked support with the lowest winrate of them all at the moment. He needed buffs. Consistency is probably the best route to go for him.

God I will CRY if Sym finally gets some extra health. I am BEGGING that be one of the changes that does go through!! :pray:

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that +25 health is going to be game changing for brig. it’s really all she needed to push her into a more viable position

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why 25hp for brig though

Simply so she can be contested by other hitscan more. Makes perfect sense

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because she needs it and is currently not very good


Fantastic change! Keep up the good work.

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big no for the Widowmaker nerf.
it seems like Blizzard wants the game to be easier for players.

  • it was hard to counter dive before?! - - > they released brig.
  • Widow could play around Orisa and Rein shield?! they released Sigma to block every angel of her.

ya I understand, widow is strong and frustrating to play against but hey, she is a sniper and she is part of the cast so deal with it, nerfing her to the point where shes not playable is just not the solution to cure the frustration of people.
her nerfs last patch was kind of ok because of the nerf to shields, she hits less shots now before reloead (7 instead of 10), her charge time got nerfed few patches ago and the fall off damage which is useless but still making u not hit the shots u used to hit from far distance, widow just deal less and less damage as a DPS compared to other DPS heros, its a fact.

she is very strong in specific maps and weak on other maps, but isnt it meant to be like that?
even with 175 hp she will do what she is doing even now, this little nerf wont make her a bad pick in temple of anubis attack first point… she is still going to be the annoying sniper u hate.
BUT, in my opinion its going to be just unfun to play her, she will die too fast to dive and not even, a damage boosted soldier will just wipe her and be a better sniper.
u will just die to a random zarya right clicks before u can make a play.
is she strong? yes. touching the HP isnt the solution.


She outclasses every other DPS is the issue, why have 16 heroes in a category and make the other 15 irrelevant.

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It makes her easier to counter bc right now she’s only really counterable by a widow who’s as good. This doesn’t make her unplayable. And reducing her dps is good because widow isn’t about dps she’s about one shots.


Baps healing is why i stopped playing him, now you made it even slower to use. longer time shot to shot plus the travel time of the heal nade, it feels awful. what are you doing Blizzard? these changes dont fit how people play the game.
Brig change is pointless, that does nothing to help her heal and fight with her team. you gave Mei the best barrier in the game because Tank barriers are as useful as a wet tissue in the ocean. Symm is still situational at best but is still awful overall. McCree basically got reverted in a way. Widow is backline and is somewhat being treated as such.


I wish they reduced the recoil for bapt instead of increasing the fire rate. That thing kicks like a donkey.

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Not fond of this really.

This sounds nice though.

Personally I would like to see it have a curve to it sorta like Orisa’s shield. Think of a curved wide screen monitor.

Symm is a good start. I think 250 total would be best. Widow is a nice change but it won’t change the fact that another Widow is still the best way to counter her. It also won’t change the fact that she can completely dominate and control an entire map where she has LoS.

Honestly I don’t agree with the Widow changes. Widow is already vunalrabe when she gets jumped on by someone. With this health she’ll be easily killed with a bodyshot by the enemy Widow. I feel like it takes away the entire gameplay for here as a sniper, considering she already got nerfed with falloff damage. She’s a sniper. Her purpose is to be precise and deadly. With this change it’ll turn into a speed shooting battle instead of an aim battle.


I’m loving all of these changes, especially bapiste’s and brigitte’s, don’t know how people would feel about Mei but we’ll see! Other than that, loving these changes!

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But Widow plays from MUCH safer positions and has a really strong escape ability that has both horizontal and vertical mobility. Widow also has way more burst damage than tracer. A fully charged scoped headshot does almost the same damage as Pulse Bomb.


Chipsa will be happy about the Widow nerf

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Sym with 225 thats great
Brig should have 250
I still thinking that widow problem is that she does too much dmg per headshot, not her health.
Mcree with 225 … Well ok

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