Experimental Mode – Baptiste, Mei, and Fine-Tuning Health

Why give Symm more shields?? Even the widow nerf is strange to me, like why buff some health so much and drop widows 25hp. She’s nearly as squishy as Tracer is and she doesnt have the recall to gain health like Tracer has. The other changes seem fine but why those two.


Well, if the devs got any room for Bastion changes.

I suggest:


  • Ult transform speed is 3x faster
  • No selfdamage during Ult

No reason he needs to be paralyzed for 1.5sec, then paralyzed for another 1.5sec, and constantly healing if he wants to use the fun mobility of the Ult.


Sym is an underpeforming hero and needs buffs. Additionally, Widow isn’t really squishy if you take into the account that she can position herself in far away places.


The new bapt window is kind of overkill. I think it should be around 7.5m instead of 9m.


yeah but he got gutted sometime ago.

These patch notes are perfect holy


This is a really cool patch. Keep up the good work!


I feel like widow is becoming so much more unplayable. I don’t like this change in the slightest. She can’t regenerate her health, so why make her an easier target


I love changes! Even if it makes literally no difference, change sparks curiosity and excitement. These changes seem fair.


It doesn’t change that much. Biggest diff is 1 less shot from soldier.

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Widow is already unplayable bellow GM as she requires a lot of healing and peeling. The health nerf is really unnecessary and will ruin the character. She’s already in a good spot with average winrates and pickrates across higher ranks.
I’m not a big fan of nerfing character simply cause some people consider them “Unfun to play against”


Hello Blizzard, hope you can read this. I’ve loved all the hitscan balancing so far, but Soldier changes introduced a minimal issue to me, maybe to some other players. I’ve been playing Bastion on Comp, I’ve peaked 3750 SR with him and have above 60% winrate on this account and on a smurf around the same SR.

Topic: After Soldier changes I feel like Bastion Recon mode has no identity, in fact it feels like a worse Soldier since he still has bloom, I think his damage falls off harder, he has a huge hitbox and he cannot shoot and heal at the same time like Soldier does. I understand his strength is Sentry mode but I believe he could recieve some tweaks to not feel like a worse Soldier. I still have fun with him from time to time but I don’t ever see a reason to pick him over Soldier anymore. Cheers

With the previous heavy nerfs to Mei and Baptiste, these Buffs are questionable. When I compare Mei to Ash, Ash wins in every category. Mei’s Ultimate pales in comparison to Ashe’s dynamite for damage. Bob is an almost indestructible heavy turret compared to Mei’s no damage Ultimate. I feel Blizzard catered to elitists who complained about this control character.
Baptiste’s changes are needed and we’ll have to see how they play out, considering his immortality field has such low permanence.
In my opinion, the support class as a whole needs a buff. Bridgette’s health in her armor with a shield is less than Symmetra’s in stockings. I understand it’s a process, but constantly rearranging classes strengths up and down for years with the introduction of new heroes is frustrating.

The Mei buffs are not enough. Please, do something more impactful, she’s been completely trashed.
Let her revert full ammo, cryo is a death sentence because she can’t be healed. Her primary will still be a joke and she has 0 mobility and a fat hitbox and gets destroyed by power creep. Give her a better fire rate or let her reload all ammo in cryo after a given time.


Lmao what? She’s a sniper, she should have lower health, also she can reposition using grapple if she gets attacked. Widow was far too strong for a sniper she had to be toned down in some way


What I love most is blizz is throwing normalcy out the window and not sticking to “lore” type of balance. Mccree having 225 HP for example is just weird but hey if it’s what balances him, then that’s good and what matters!

I am worried about bap being power crept though. Window ult generation was just increased and now they are buffing the window drastically. Revert the widow generation if you want this giant window.

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Widowmaker nerf is small, but maybe it will force WM to be less aggressive.

Ana also needs 175hp btw. She is a sniper and small.

OW plz stop doing this sh1t. cree and widow was fine but sym and brig? come on we all know those two destroy this game already


I dont think giving Brig 25 extra hp is going to destroy Overwatch as we know it


I think it’s so that other characters have a chance of fighting her at the ranges she prefers being at, and makes her more diveable. As it is, most Widows are only countered by an equal or better Widow, and for Ashe to fight her it requires two shots or a Mercy pocket.

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