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how what are the changes i cant find them on announcements or the patch notes

I don’t see the patch notes?

anyone got a link

link it :gun:

Did they give Reaper smoke grenades!?

Genji nerfs? :crossed_fingers:

mostly hitscan damage falloff changes

a universal hitscan nerf? OH YES




I was sorta right… they did nerf Baptiste.

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dang… F to hitscan players

Poor S76… wow…


sorry for my misquote before lol

is this widow change a nerf or a buff (the fall off one)

I was wondering why smoke grenades would make Soldier feel bad…

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buff…falloff happens at further distance…but at those distance im not even sure where it even applies…

junkertown, ilios…maybe???

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How is it a buff? At max distance, her shots now do only 30% damage when before they did 50%.

oh thats a nerf for all hitscans…i meant the range change

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Widow’s effective range got buffed?

Wow, didn’t read that part.

Global hitscan falloff nerf.

Small buff for Widows falloff range but it’s always been such an insignificant range anyway since it’s so difficult to even find a place where it’s applicable.

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The falloff kicks in later overall being 70 meters from 65, and it takes longer for damage to be reduced going from 3 (7.5 headshot) damage per meter with the old falloff to 2.8 (7 headshot) damage per meter with this new falloff

The only real thing she loses out on is that ranges past 92 meters she has lower damage than before at 85 but at the same time, theres also basically 0 locations in game where theres going to be 92 meters of open space for widow to shoot from and hit thats going to happen often enough to matter

honestly even without the falloff for her changing the same applies to her old falloff it barely applied anywhere

Oh… yeah 65-85 meters to 70-100 meters now

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hitscans are generally almost meta no matter what. they’ve always been the most reliable source of dmg in the dps department. good, now we can see some flex/projectile heroes in the mix now.