Ewww role queue QP is a role pick race without choice

Idk, maybe it was just intended to maximize the ptr sample size and test out roleQ. Still, it would probably feel like a bait and switch if it never comes to qp.

And they’re making their opinions known with the mass drop before the rounds even start.

This is your canary in the coal mine.

There’s no backfill in competitive


Wait what? Why would they change how they had it set up on the PTR? Are you serious?


As if people never left QP when they didn’t get DPS or there were too many locked this morning. Puh-lease.

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Hey everyone, I am trying to find out more about this. I don’t think it was intended to role lock to 2-2-2 without the role queue matchmaking for Quick Play.

(Remember they have lots of internal “dials” they can move for each of their modes (much like the settings of a custom game).

Quick Play Role Queue is suppose to start on September 1st.


No, please tell them to keep it. The community reaction is priceless. It shows them how much of a mistake they are making.


Yeah. I think we were all expecting it to be a role select, not a mad rush. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

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Hahaha, i’m loving the reaction too.

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no way :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Because role queue for QP doesn’t hit live until the 1st??

“This half baked accident proves that the real system is a mistake.” Okay.


So did they also not put Sigma into competitive yet?

Cause the biggest problem with 2-2-2 was not enough barrier tank players.

Where as Sigma would cause a ton of barrier tank usage.

Getting 3-6 leavers per match BEFORE THE MATCH EVEN STARTS shows how much of a bad idea it is to force this trash into QP.

Correct. I was misinformed about him being ready right away. Apologies about that.

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They’re only leaving because they can’t queue for the role they want. You’re literally complaining about something specific to this system and attributing it to the real thing.


New heroes never get put in competitive right away, why would Sigma be an exception??


No worries, just been a worry I had that they’d screw up the details. :confused:

Because instead of leaving the games they’d be sitting there waiting to play which is just as much of a failure state.

Are you joking? Why do I have to play ptr if I want to play quickplay 222? There isn’t any good reason to hold it back for another two weeks.

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