Even more Sombra bugs in 1.26

So today we got a feedback from Blizzard to Sombras Bugs:

That’s great thank you very much.

But sadly there are even more bugged now in 1.26 and I found a few of them:

(Sorry forgot to mute my mic on some of the Videos I gave as an example so you can hear my mouse keyboard and PC pretty clearly)

Bug 1.
another Translocator Spinning/Beyblade bug.
So today I encountered 2 TL Beyblade bugs a normal one that appears on the first TL you throw after you died:

So the new one appears after the game just started (without dying basicly):

Bug 2.
Translocator use / cancel bug
If you Cancel you TL just shortly before pressing E to use it You kinda start Translocating but stop immediately and get put back:

I did no more testing on this it could be that it can be used to dodge DMG (for example a DVA bomb) but still get the 2s cooldown from destroying it

Bug 3.
EMP animation did not even start when pulled in grav
So the animation of EMP did not appear but the EMP still worked just fine:

Bug 4.
TL got destroyed sound played but it still activated:

Bug 4.1 TL got destroyed sound played after it already got destroyed by Sombra:

Bug 5
(This is in 1.25 (old Sombra) but I never saw something about it so I would say it’s
not fixed)
So Sombras view get changed by Hook after the TL throw animation already started but because of the view change the TL gets thrown in the wrong direction:

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