Estimated que times are always way off

havent they been trying to fix this game since the start though?

Yeah, but to be honest they haven’t done much in the fixing queue times direction besides bandaid fixes

2-2-2 was a coward move because they could not balance the game, thinking it would give them an easier way but alas they failed again.

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Well yeah, a 2 Healer maximum per team, would have solved most of it.

But here we are now, and removing role queue would lose more players than it would gain.

Good to see that are actually trying to fix it. Instead of basically ignoring Tanks for about 3 years.

Il be honest I have 0 confidence in OW2 and thats because of their track record over the past 5 years. I hope im wrong but 5v5 will be a complete overhaul and I dont think they can pull it off in a way that will make things better.

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Well, I’m working on a blueprint for “This is how you make OW2 not suck”.

Most of the way done. Just need better formatting and justification text.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

I mean if I saw a low queue time for a certain role, I’d definitely queue for it.

Others might think the same increasing the queue times.

the issue is 9/10 times it never works, its just a bad system giving false numbers

Yes, because again, they can change whilst you’re in the queue.

Otherwise they’d always need to put 4+ minutes on the current times too.

but thats not an excuse to have false numbers 9/10 times it should update more frequenty

Can you see estimated queue times whilst you are in the queue?

Nope, only before hand. So its literally useless to give me an estimated que time if its always going to be wrong.

Then don’t trust it.

You’re not given false numbers, you’re giving an estimate time for that current moment.
Once you’re in queue that number can change at any time, so you already know it can change quite a lot.

So why are you complaining about a variable that constantly changes, of which you’re also aware?

I dont? Thats the whole point of my post.

Its not an estimate if 90% of the time its always double. Whoever makes these “estimates” needs to get fired.

again 90% of the time it does not change

Again 90% it never changes

You can’t make it more precise.
If you want it to be more precise they have to make a prediction system, which in the end might even cause more trouble.

I don’t see how you would fix a constantly changing variable.

In your previous reply, you said it changes 90% of the time?
You’re not even making sense anymore.

You literally just said:

It’s not an estimate if 90% of the time it’s always double.

And now you’re saying it’s 90% the time it told you?

Okay now I think you’re misunderstanding me, I’m talking about the queue times not the estimate as a constantly changing variable.
How are you able to check that the estimate changed after you went in the queue, you literally just told me you are unable to see the estimated time when you’re in the queue.
So this makes me believe you’re just assuming it’s not changing.

90% of the time the estimate says 3-4 minutes but the actual time you wait is 8 minutes thats what I mean

Yeah but… that’s because more people get in the queue from the moment you get in the queue.
Meaning that time increases, and since you cannot see the number once you’re in the queue you’re still going on the assumption that that number is still 3-4 minutes whilst it could’ve changed to 8-9 minutes.

but if that happens 9/10 times then the way estimtates are indicated should be updated way more frequently or not shown at all because they are false

Even if they update more frequently, you’re already in queue.

You’re unable to see the change in time once you’re in queue.
Let’s say you wait 4 minutes in queue, in those 4 minutes a lot of players could’ve entered the queue… increasing the queue time. You’re still assuming the queue time is 4 minutes because you saw it 4 minutes ago but it already changed.
This means this number is not false, you’re just assuming it’s still 4 minutes.

Maybe the thing you’re wanting to request is being able to see estimated queue times whilst in the queue or something that tells you the queue time has increased.

so give me an updated que time while im in the que so I dont waste my time

people joining after me is not my concern, if im there and then 100 people join the que that should not affect me since i was there in the first place

its not false for 10% of the time, once I play 2-3 games the que time adjusts the real estimation of 7 minutes which is then 90% accurate