Estimated que times are always way off

Yeah but… that’s because more people get in the queue from the moment you get in the queue.
Meaning that time increases, and since you cannot see the number once you’re in the queue you’re still going on the assumption that that number is still 3-4 minutes whilst it could’ve changed to 8-9 minutes.

but if that happens 9/10 times then the way estimtates are indicated should be updated way more frequently or not shown at all because they are false

Even if they update more frequently, you’re already in queue.

You’re unable to see the change in time once you’re in queue.
Let’s say you wait 4 minutes in queue, in those 4 minutes a lot of players could’ve entered the queue… increasing the queue time. You’re still assuming the queue time is 4 minutes because you saw it 4 minutes ago but it already changed.
This means this number is not false, you’re just assuming it’s still 4 minutes.

Maybe the thing you’re wanting to request is being able to see estimated queue times whilst in the queue or something that tells you the queue time has increased.

so give me an updated que time while im in the que so I dont waste my time

people joining after me is not my concern, if im there and then 100 people join the que that should not affect me since i was there in the first place

its not false for 10% of the time, once I play 2-3 games the que time adjusts the real estimation of 7 minutes which is then 90% accurate

Well, you should’ve just said that from the beginning, you’ve been rambling about updating it on the menu constantly which is something much different.

They still have to be queued based on MMR.
Let’s say you’re a Silver Player, you’re the first in the queue.
15 players join in the queue, of which 80% are Platinum players, the system will put those plat players first in a server.

This takes up a server, meaning you have to wait until another server is empty.
Otherwise, we have to need to remove performance-based matchmaking.

Again, queue times can go up whilst you’re in the queue.
Even if you see it’s low doesn’t mean it’s a wrong number.
When it’s high then it’s probably reaching that peak when you’re usually in the queue.
So it might be accurate and you’re just there at the wrong time.