Endorsements? Please explain

Ye, it’s 1 endorsement by player per match/12hrs cooldown up to 3 per match.


I think it is every match you can endorse 3 players, but only if you haven’t endorsed that player within the 12 hr limit. Thats how I am reading it.

You can assign an endorsement to three DIFFERENT players in any one given match among the 11 other players in that match, including your opponents. If you assign an endorsement to a player, you cannot assign an endorsement to that exact same player again for at least 12 hours even in a different match.


No individual player may receive an endorsement from you more than once per 12 hour period.

you can endorse 1 specific player every 12 hours, but you can endorse 3 random players from the match you were just in.

Sorry, the wording is a bit confusing.

Each match, you can endorse up to three players.

You can only endorse a specific individual once every 12 hours.

Hopefully that clarifies.


Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Kaplan.


And what about leveling up the ednorsement?

Is it only available in certain modes? I play Mystery Heroes and I haven’t seen the option to endorse anyone, but I have seen some players who’ve been endorsed somehow.

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This. Is there a reason why it’s not available in Arcade modes?


Well i think you can endors someone only in quick play or comp.

I think it’s “you can only endorse the SAME player once every 12 hrs”

“You can give up to 3 endorsements per match” = Pick 3 Players to endorse. You pick Player#1, Player#3, and Player#5.

“You can only endorse a player every 12 hours” = You cannot endorse Player#1, Player#3, and Player#5 again for 12 hours. But you can endorse literally anybody else.

thanks for that information, but like how many votes do i need to have in order to level i been getting alot of votes today i havent been able to reach level 2 so? so how many do i need in order to level up?


This will keep parties from constantly endorsing eachother after every match to manipulate their rank!

Sounds good!

I thought that was pretty clear but thanks for clearing it up regardless.

Ok, but what are the so called “rewards” you get for being endorsed.

Okay I thought it was only me but yeah, Endorsement would be very appreciated ii Arcade.

I for one, almost exclusively play that mode, so if it doesnt go there, I dont think I’ll ever be able to experiment the system.

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Arcade is the best mode. I wish we could endorse

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It’s explained somewhere, possibly in the developer video.

  • it’s gonna be very occasional and unpredictable
  • the main reliable benefit is reputational