Endorsements? Please explain

Arcade is the best mode. I wish we could endorse

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It’s explained somewhere, possibly in the developer video.

  • it’s gonna be very occasional and unpredictable
  • the main reliable benefit is reputational

Is it true if you get just one suspension it erases your endorsements?

That makes me very nervous to get a random DC in comp

Exactly. I do not understand why this is hard for people to understand. Its worded in simple, straightforward terms.

The first thing that comes to my mind when people start demanding hyper detailed explanations to the point of minutia is that they are probing for loopholes and exploits.

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Thank you for clarifying it. I now understand it. :slight_smile:

Note from OP: This threads question has been resolved.

It is not explicitly stated what the reward is and that is what I am asking and want to know.

Reputation is not a worthwhile benefit to me.

Pretty obvious, in that way it can’t be abused by endorsing your friends over and over again.

You have to scour the web for blog, post, interviews, … eventually you might stumble on something, as I did (but can’t remember where, I think it was a video interview of Kaplan by Stylosa).

He didn’t say much. And is probably undecided yet. But it felt like it will be along the lines of some cosmetic and don’t hold your breath it’s gonna be very occasional. Like once year, if you had high endorsement for 6 month, you get a spray or something…

I have a question. How do you check how many endorsements you’ve received? Is there a stat for that? I tried looking but had trouble finding it.

So, how many “likes” i should get to lvl up? idk

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Been looking for this myself.
I see people at lvl 2+ already but cant find where or how much more I need to lvl up.
Some information on this matter would be great.

and whats with endorsements in mystery heroes? it’s the most played mode in arcade and we can’t use the Endorsement system in it… doesn’t make sense to me. You’re blocking many people from the Endorsement system when it’s not included in mystery heroes!

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This…also you cant look for a group to play mystery heroes. Was looking forward to these new features,but i almost only play mystery heroes so nothing changed for me.

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