Endorsements have ruined being genuinely nice

I have always tried to be nice to everyone in my games, and try to write encouraging words. Today I have been called a lot of different names because people think I try to “get votes” by being nice. And it has gotten to the point where I feel bad about trying to cheer my team up. At least for me this is making the community feel even more toxic, and in many ways “fake”.


And Blizzard said it’s to stop toxicity. Sounds like it creates it too :rofl:


I vote randomly. Sometimes no one has done something note worthy to vote them.

The bad thing about it is that Supports will receive more endorsements just because.

I also despise fakeness.


I’d rather have false positivity than raw negativity. That’s how it works in the real world anyway so why not apply it in game ? Be nice, even if you think ill of people, that way you get the best of both worlds.


That might well be, but we also get the largest amount of “flame” when we “underperform”, or “just because”. So it kinda equals out :wink:


I’m also not happy about this feature. Being forced to “act” to get votes. I actually hope this feature fails, even though I wouldn’t mind a better community, but I put my hopes on the lfr to fix it.


I have only run into one person like this, if you don’t like 'em you can kick them from the game, or join up with a group and kick people like that, mostly I’ll take the occasional fake nice person if it means I get good comms on the regular.

Im sure you will get more positive feedback than negative, even if its not said aloud. Most people who play this game are good people. If i was in your game and you were being nice, regardless of what the team mob was saying id still endorse you.

Have faith in people.


I mean, I do the same thing in an MMO with tanks, like in FFXIV; if I didn’t see anyone play EXCEPTIONALLY well, then I default to commending whoever played the role most people don’t want to play.

I don’t get how people can claim that people who are being positive are being fake. Unless you’re a mind reader or some kind of expert at reading a person’s intentions, it’s pretty impossible.


Do what you want. If they have a problem, let them be mad.


Well, I usually start with “HEY GUYS, IM BEING POSITIVE! VOTE ME! VOTE ME!” at the start. Really lightens the mood.


To be fair, picking an unpopular role does fit into the “good teammate” category of the endorsement system. So I see nothing wrong in doing so, given how the system is designed.


Everything does. What’s toxic to one person may be funny and entertaining to another.

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Thanks! Maybe I should try that! :slight_smile:

Oh Nos!

Someone might be nice, for the sake of being nice, who wasn’t in the first place?!?!?

O-o And that’s supposed to be a… Bad thing?


looks at thread title

That was sort of the point. Quantify desired behaviour with a tangible reward, watch the means get weaponized and metagamed to a singular end. Impact in three seconds.


Endorsements are just an addon to the existing game, you don’t have to pretend to do anything, and if they are being toxic, just mute, report, move on.

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It’s like Catcher in the Rye, everyone is a big fake phony.


This is what I call ‘fake nice’ and I’ve only met one player like that, it was irritating but not tilting like toxic players are. I’d rather get a dumb sounding fake complement because they are hunting for endorsements that have them screaming at whatever player they think is doing poorly.

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