Endorsement Level went down


I have been deliberately not endorsing the opposite team and my rank has not decreased again since.


I’m suspecting players reporting for no reason other than they had a bad day or you killing them too often as ennemy or trolling…
I need between 10 to 20 vote to get back lv4 each time.
So the real power is the report button as it counts 10 times more than a vote. If it is the case that is a real issue…
But no certitude, only Blizzard knows


Same to me, first time i hit Rank4 i stay 2 weeks on it, after this it went down from 4 to 3 with no reason. Still get my 3-5 endorsemets after a match but the rank decrease anyway…
now i drop every day from 3 to 4 and somtimes i hit 4 after getting no endorsement after a match.


same to me, played a few games non toxic had fun got endorsed 5 times and sudenly it dropped from 3 to 2 ? What is this? blizzard explain yourself


Its crap, this system is true crap and should be removed. I have complained in another thread about this system. In the past week I have gone from 4 to 3, three times. I am not being told my account is suspended, silenced etc. I lose an endorsement level even while receiving them. Lastnight I went to level 4 again, this morning, I played one game, got three endorsements, played my second game, got zero endorsements and I m back to 3.
Blizzard is not going to give us specifics, just guesses, I was even told that decay does not occur. Obviously Blizzard is trying to hide details here and can’t keep the story straight.
Jeff and crew need to step up on this system they so claim is working well and admit this was thrown out to players without much thought into it, and fix it, or delete it altogether. But instead they know it is a piece of junk, and that is why the only thing you hear from them is what they think is working when it is not.

I will be the next person to ask Blizzard for a comment, and not a canned one either, but thankfully I am not dumb enough to hold my breath waiting for it


I went up and down from 4 to 3, 3 times in 4 days… then stayed 4 for a few weeks figuring i’m about to hit 5… then just when back to 3 twice in 2 days out of the blue now… i never quit matches, i always endorse, i play a LOT and get a LOT of endorsments, 5 easy many times a match… and ALWAYS says gg and never talk smack, i’m 50 lol… so HOW do i lose easily a couple hundred of endorsements suddenly. Hmmm?


im in the same i got 3 and suddenly i got a notification that i got 2 agian


The same just happened to me. I was level 4 for at least a few days now, maybe even a week. I got 2 endorsements in a game then immediately went down to level 3 before even getting to the next game. I have no idea why. I even took a screenshot of it because I couldn’t believe that in the same text window I got endorsements and a demotion. I’d post it if there was an easy way. They need to be more transparent as to why we’re losing endorsement level. That or they need to fix whatever bug is making this happen. I didn’t leave the match early, I didn’t type at all in chat and in the talking chat I was just telling our team that someone on the other team kept taking out our healers and it was a huge problem. I’m pretty sure doing that actually means I should get an endorsement instead of losing a level. Maybe if enough people share their stories, they’ll be forced to listen.
I’ve never gotten banned or been alerted to being reported. I’ve gotten tons of “Thank you for reporting” messages back when I had more issues. I’m with a group and I usually get a ton of positive feedback. This is just really discouraging.


This happened to me as well? What did I do wrong?


Just saw a message about losing my endorsement lvl. Playing everyday, went from 4 to 3, when I was lvl 4 for 3 weeks straight, getting endorsements almost every game. Nice system and no Dev replied.


exact same happened to me aswell… went from 3 to 2 for no reason and even blizz sup cant help apparently.


Same here. Dropped from 4 to 3 without warning. I play every day and even got a few endorsements the match before. Odd.


Same, got 4 endorsements in one match and I lost level 4. Why is blizz not saying anything?


Now I am back to four…and the group leader on two occasions today accidentally took us out of a game.
So, this makes a ton of sense now…I don’t normally leave games but my endorsement decays…accidentally leave games which would be considered leaving…I get a level 4?
Seriously Blizzard, can you just be honest to your fans for once and admit this endorsement system sucks?


Made endorsement level 4 twice and got dropped back to 3 for no reason. Never left games, always got endorsed. This is annoying!


Still no dev feedback.

So much for people saying the devs read and reply.

I suppose, replying to “does torb sleep with his mechanical arm” must be a priority over this.

Since I have just come back from an automated silence for apparent harassment on the forums, I have been up and down lvl 4 endorsement 3 times in the past 2 weeks and I have hardly played the game ……… (no I am not toxic in game, unless theres a bast, just on forums when stupid S55T is being said and I feel the need to respond in some way, OCD kicks in)

Devs make it so easy to get a response to a simple question


Got level 4 a few hours ago, then it suddenly dropped to level 3. Thanks, Jeff!


The exact thing happened to me today.

Overwatch Team, You are actively discouraging the people who actually want to stay social, want to combat toxicity with this aggressive decay. Please fix the decay so that people like Mathachew or me don’t get punished for one game where we don’t get one endorsement for whatever reason (of course I can only speculate whether or not that was the case for anybody else but me.)

To sum up my last 2 Days of Play: Yesterday I got Level 4 after receiving 3 endorsements. Today I’ve got 2 endorsements every match up until I thought I could chill for one game and play DPS. I got unlucky and nobody acknowledged me for being a nice person (because nice people have to flex every single game I guess), so I dropped back to Level 3. One match with no endorsements, 1 Level down. Maybe it’s not that easy and a lot of factors go into your endorsement level, but then it just wasn’t communicated all that good to the consumer.

I’d really appreciate it if you would make the process a bit less frustrating. I know it will not be long before climbing back to Level 4 again, still I feel betrayed by the system at this moment.


about 15 times now. Got 4 today, lost it within 5 games. Now just got it again. Pretty sick of it


I am really disappointed with the current implementation of the endorsements. I feel as though I am punished by playing with friends because I don’t get as many opportunities for endorsements. But if I solo queue, and get harassed or toxicity, I am punished if I leave the game early to get away from it so I don’t let it ruin my day.

As a result, I’ve been bouncing between 3 and 4 several times a week. It’s incredibly frustrating.

I’m a trans woman with a somewhat deeper voice than the average woman, and when I speak in voice chat so I can participate with call-outs and try to be positive, I can sometimes get harassed by toxic teammates. This happened to be yesterday, and it forced me away from being able to participate in voice chat call-outs- or else take the hit to endorsement levels. Next time I will just leave, but I shouldn’t be punished for that.