Endorsement Level went down


I had the same problem with unknown falling from 3 to 2 (again, not the first time)
If I check it on blizzard website, it said 3,
but I am 2 that showing in the game right now.


The same thing happened to me just now. I was on level 4 and suddenly went back to 3, and I didnt see any messange about it. I have never been banned or anything, it just went down for no reason??


Same just happened to me on my PS4 account. Playing with great matches but suddenly after becoming a level 3 a few matches with endorsements later I was notified I was back to level 2… Not cool.


This has happened to me three times in the last week or so. I was super-excited to make it to level 4 endorsement for the first time, but within 2 days, had dropped to 3 - while getting endorsements, being a good teammate, and never leaving a game. I got it back up to 4, dropped to 3 almost immediately, and as of last night was back to 4.

I get that there needs to be some kind of decay if you go for a while with no endorsements whatsoever or leave a lot of games, but decaying WHILE getting endorsed and being a good teammate makes no sense. And it’s so fast!

I also don’t like how grouping up using LFG (which is awesome, btw) and working as a team for several games in a row leaves you with no endorsements. As others have said, it feels as though you’re getting punished for working together.

It would be nice to know how the system works so we can understand it better. Is this rapid decay a bug or intended?


I’m pretty sure they are afraid that explaining would open it to abuse but it’s really goofy how it behaves.

I think I get why I dropped from 3 to 2, my suspect is leaving 2 QP matches, reason unimportant.

But then it happened again going 3 to 4. About 2-5 matches while getting medals, POTG, and endorsements it dropped again to 3. I’d not dropped out of any matches. (It’s not something I do intentionally, most of the time.)

It didn’t take much to get back to 4 and that was very different from the 3-2 drop.

I’m wondering if grief reporting is dropping people. You know the one who says “you took my POTG, I hate you. Reported!” Or the “no way you got that head shot, aimbot! Reported!”

Makes a person wonder is all I’m saying.

I only give endorsement when it feels deserved and it’s often the other team I hit. The free xp to endorse people feels like it kills the true deserved endorsement.


And decay isn’t supposed to be hard to hold off. I thought Jeff said in an interview something like months of not playing but higher is harder to maintain.


I think either the decay is too much, or we ought to be able to endorse friends. I feel like you are punished too harshly if you queue with friends a lot of the time.


I was rank 4 for two weeks, grinding incredibly hard to achieve rank 5.
3 days ago I deranked to rank 3 and was absolutely crushed as I thought I was close.

Since then, I have re-achieved rank 4 and deranked to rank 3 FOUR TIMES! Here’s some facts as to why this shouldn’t be happening:
I never leave games.
I never disconnect from games.
I never grief people.
I consistently get 2-4 gold medals per round and help my team, and have given no reason to be reported.
I play Overwatch daily for 4-6 hours, so there is no potential that this is decay-related.

There’s no reason this should be happening and with the lack of transparency on this system, I am utterly defeated.


Dropped from Rank 4 to 3 so many times…

Today is the best example though. Play a game, win, get endorsements. Play another QP but it cancels because the other team left… Deranked.


I have 300+ hours and drop from level 4 down to 3 at least once per day. I’ve even seen it go back up to 4 and down to 3 in the same day. I only play comp and never dc or left a game. It’s very annoying and I’ve never seen someone with level 5. I personally don’t think it’s even possible without it being given to you directly by Blizzard.


The same thing happened to me as well but what happened was I left a game lobby after endorsing three people and when I got to the menu it just dropped but 4 to 3


I have seen 1 level 5. It was the day Hammond joined Comp I think. Some 1s, a lot of 2s, some 3s, and rarely a 4. Often I am the only 4 in matches… unless I just deranked again for the 183rd time.


Yer I am over the endorsement and the game to be honest.
Up and down, no answers from DEV’S.
No new comp modes, no new anything.

Just playing to lvl now and get gold weap points (just to say I have gold weaps).

Waiting for anthem to come out next year and the next FPS that isn’t BLIZZARD.


When the system cancels a match it better not be deranking people. That would be a big FU from Bliz.


According to an interview with Jeff and I think there’s a big post the devs were supposed to make. Playing with friends is not supposed to hurt endorsement or SR. I don’t recall the exact statement.

In fact I suspect friends that play daily and big streamers who play with their in crowd are the only way to get lvl 5.


I was level 4 and like the others have only been getting endorsements, yet I keep going up and down from 4 to 3 backup to 4. What is going on Blizz? We could use a reply.


Same thing just happened to me. Got THREE and went from 3 to 2. I’ve been playing a lot the last week or so, so it makes zero sense.


Yep, same here. Was at 3. Logged in and instantly at 2. My profile on the website says 3 though. I made a post already about it but I just saw this one (woops!). Glad it’s not just me though. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!


This latest drop is the best so far… QP get 2 endorsements (paying attention now because of all the dropped levels). Then a QP where I get 5. 3 Comp matches with 1-3, then a comp match with no endorsement and I go back down to level 3.


My endorsement level also went down from 4 to 3 when I didn’t abandon any match and also the message I got was that the endorsement level went up from 4 to 3