Endorsement Level went down


Me and my friend had the same problem. His Endorsement level got down after he didn’t play only for a few hours (3 to 2). And my endorsement level got down after nobody endorsed me for just ONE match (4 to 3).


I just played arcade and deranked from that. I was level 2 won and arcade match and after i was level 1 again which should not possible at all… i mean you cant even get endorements in arcade but you can derank? what is this?


Same I was playing comp and i was level 2 endorsement, i got afk for about 2 hrs and come back and im level 1 endorsement, no bans or anything. Blizzard?


Yep I’ve been playing MULTIPLE games per day and getting generally multiple endorsements per match every day since the system came out. Was reading this thread and went out for a few hours at endorsement level 4…came back and did a game in QP (as a DPS that wasn’t Symmetra, or a tank or heals for once) and actually didn’t get an endorsement at the end of the game and suddenly see the message that I’ve deranked from endorsement rank 4 to rank 3.

This HAS to be bugged, Blizzard…there is no way to keep max rank up if this is how it’s going to be. What is going on?


Im having the exact same issues as you guys are. Went from level 3 to level 2 in a matter of hours with no leaving of any games, and all positive feedback from players. Any solutions yet?


The same thing has happened to me on console. I was at level 2, I played a few games last night and received at least one endorsement per game. When I opened Overwatch this morning I was down to level 1 again. :confused: Surely this isn’t how the system is intended to work?


I also got demoted from 4 to 3 after not receiving endorsements ONE match. The grind to 4 was already gruelling enough lol

*Edit: Back at level 4 a d the amount of endorsement was not nearly as much ad the first time I dinged level 4.


Yeah i got level 3 TWICE and lost it the day after i got it BOTH times, and i have never had a suspension or ban idk. It might just be if you get 1 report or something bs like that.


Just happened to me from 4 to 3. Getting and giving endorsements left and right, playing consistent and it still went down


Happened to me too, just got to level 3 yesterday, have been playing regularly and receiving multiple endorsements each game. Tried to login today, slowly it loaded a quick play game, kicked me out due to a server error that I had to restart, reloaded and joined a game (that worked this time), received endorsements and then it said that my endorsement level has gone for 3 to 2.

This is ridiculous, considering I had to work hard to get to that stupid level and poof, it’s gone in an instance because of a glitch? I really wouldn’t mind this, but Blizzard has stated there will be exclusive items for people with a high endorsement level, soooooo I feel a little screwed over :stuck_out_tongue:


Just happened to me from 4 to 3. Play every day and i have never had a suspension or ban


I didn’t play for one day (4th of July) and I dropped from 3 to 2. A little upset about this.


I had the same thing happen. In a 24 hour period I went from Endorsement level 2 back to level one


Happened to me as well. Was getting endorsements, then I went from level 3 back to level 2.
Promoted and demoted in the same day.


I also had this happen today. I was promoted to rank 3 played a couple games took a few hours off came back and at the end of the first game it said I was demoted to rank 2. All in one day.


Happened to me as well


Endorsements are meaningless anyway, since you get XP for giving them so everyone just spams the 3 Endorsements per match regardless of if anyone deserves it or not.


It happen to me as well. I have dropped from 4 to 3, and I find no other explanation for this than if someone actually reported me. I had an incydent in a QP game where 3 stack reported me for switching from heal to dps. The reason was simple - no valid dps was picked to deal with enemy setup. Since 2 minutes earlier I told on chat someone to switch, no one did, so I did. Now why I am even highlighting the background story of this? I suspect that receiving any report makes this to drop down, not even validate one. I think the idea behind this system is good, however there is a lot of confusion about it. There is no progress bar, no warning that it may drop, no nothing, just information that “your endorsement level has gone from 4 to 3” in my case. I really want to know why? thx.


Same good matches no issues from 2 to 1


This happened to me too, I spent 6 hours grinding out my level 3, only to lose it 30 minutes later. I honestly have no motivation to play anymore until this is fixed, if our progress can just be deleted by a bug