Echo will be a Primary Healer

A primary healer just like Ana, Moira and Baptiste mainly because there are 4 secondary healers (Brigitte, Zenyatta, Lucio and Mercy) and only 3 primary healers. Considering the last healer had burst healing im guessing Echo might have tickrate based healing because mostly only Moira has that.


I don’t want another main healer tbh. Not right now. Ana, Moira and Bap are enough for a while.

I want an off support with a defensive ult. We need more defensive ultimates; there are only Lúcio and Zen to provide this to us.

Brigitte and Mercy can be classified as secondary supports, but they don’t have defensive ultimates. At least their ultimates aren’t really a solid counter to offensive ultimates.


Echo will be a one star DPS!


It’s a sad day when Mercy isn’t considered a Primary Healer anymore…


I’m not entirely convinced she shouldn’t be considered a primary healer, but I agree with how little else she offers she NEEDS to be on par as primary healer or her other utility (rez/dmg boost/something new) needs to be introduced.

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I’m not sure I don’t either, but it’s still sad.

I am actually kind of looking forward to Echo. I like the little we’ve seen so far.

The devs are trying to make her a primary healer so no

The devs and many players mercy mains and non mains alike consider her a primary healer so no

If it was about evening it out she’ll be an off support with a defensive ultimate bringing our total to 3


I would like some new healer designs. If you look at Echo, her look screams “shields”. I would like to see a support mostly based on shields and the HP healing is only secondary.

Who said Echo has to be a healer at all?


I’d like Echo to blur the lines between main and off healer.

Imagine high healing, no burst, with a defensive ultimate.
Or, low healing, with burst [not as strong as a main healers burst] but with a medium strength fast charging defensive ult

Idk i can’t wait to see more healers, i love all of them right now and i love learning how they work and how to best utilize them


Jeff said people’s impressions of characters is important, and Echo’s first impression to a lot of people was dainty support hero.
I doubt it would fit the characteristics of a big bulky tank hero.

Considering we need to attract more people for the tank role, it would be wise to do so with diverging, creative designs.


it’s such a sad time when mercy can’t even be considered a primary support :sob:

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Why does she have to be a healer?
I want a beautiful sophisticated tank that’s all about protection and guidance :heart_eyes:

I hope we finally get a healer that is actually fun to play.

But if I start to main them, they will get nerfed to the ground, so sorry in advance.

Lol. Mercy is 100% still a primary healer.

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Idk her healer numbers are similar to Lucio’s and sometimes less. She has 2 utilities being damage boost and rez.

Since you either mean all the time or over the course of a match, Ana is as well for both. Lucio has a healing potential of over 100 hps plus a healing boost which increase that number ana can only able to compete with it with her nade

Ana has 2 utilities being sleep dart and anti nade

Mercy is a main healer.

We need more fun hybrid healers.

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Isn’t Mercy a main healer?

She is.