Easyfist will farm ana and zen even harder now


Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

That’s just sad.


but they killed him with his e being super buggy and short


You conveniently left out the following nerf:


It’s going to deal the full 200 damage 9/10 times with the new max damage range.


We shall see on Monday


Also, i didn’t mean to leave it out. I’ll put it in the thread.


E was never the problem. Almost every higher level players know about Doomfist rollouts. The issue is with how he can OHKO so many people, and even if he gets slept he gets out unpunished because of shield.

Also his Q is still broken, with him taking damage, or even if i hit my sleep/hack he can just press Q, which puts my sleep/hack on cooldown. He also is invincible for a very small time after his Ult lands. I don’t understand how Riptire was a problem and needed to be nerfed but an almost guaranteed kill with Skydrop seems ok.


I’m a bit confused cuz it still does 200 damage in the outer ring which would still kill ana and zen, but maybe I don’t understand the changes fully


Or just switch off Ana and Zen.


The way i understand it is that on live the outer ring does 300-15 damage depending on distance, but it’ll be changed to 200-15 so basically always less damage on the outer donut


Hard counters are fun, aren’t they? :-1:
Like, why play the game to have fun, when you can just play the game and you can play something you don’t want to play?


ok now this comment is epic :joy::ok_hand:


Just rework the Ult. -_-


I can’t believe I am defending DF here but… god forbid an ultimate kills one hero.


shhh. dont tell them that every 200hp can be killed and doom can kill almost all supports easily


Get you a Symmetra

Take the Teleporter

Dodge the fist


This whole hard counter argument was never brought up until y’all decided to start complaining about Doom. Winston hard countered old Symmetra (and arguably still hard counters her) and Mei hard counters Wrecking Ball yet there weren’t 10,000 complains about them.

Just switch off, it’s what other players have been doing since.


Welp, nobody will get healed then.


and ult should be able to kill heroes no doubt, but there has to be good counterplay involved. Almost every Ult can be stopped some way. Skydrop on the other hand makes it very easy to kill. I remember when my lovely junkrat’s tire was nerfed, when it so easily shot, why should skydrop not be? especially since you cant do anything about it


Lucio, Moira, Mercy, Brig, Self-healers exist.