Easyfist will farm ana and zen even harder now

My dear but DF won’t stand a chance against Ana now, HIS trajectory is locked in place and yours is not, if you fail your sleep dart, your death is pretty much your fault

As for Zen he’s farmed by pretty much everyone, however DF jumping to the backline will leave him incredibly vulnerable

also mind you, I’m not sure you understand the metric system but the buff is literally 50cm… that’s pretty negligible and will be barely noticeable

If these nerfs comes to live and if there’s no compensations, I will quit playing Doomfist until the day he’s buffed.

I can’t believe that they’re nerfing the worst ult in the game all because some Ana or Zen players just have to walk into this big red glowing circle. Meteor Strike already has plenty of counterplay.


Its only the one tricks that complain about him


I said it before, can’t nerf it or buff it without breaking it and they just did that instead of just reworking it. smh

Blizz is like being lazy or something.

thanks friend. appreciate it


I am not your friend. However if these nerfs comes to live then it proves that crying about x hero until it’s nerfed into oblivion is 100x better than learning how to deal with x hero, and that’s sad.


They increased the range of your ult though.

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D: dont talk like this friend.

yeah i agree, brig nerfs are absolute garbage. I want brig at release back. forum crybabies i swear.

I’m about 50/50 at avoiding DF’s ult on Ana… maybe 40/60. When DF starts his ult start circling an object, at that point it becomes a game of cat and mouse. If you react quickly you usually have enough time to shield yourself from the ult. That’s counterplay.

Of course, there isn’t always an object around and you just go splat.

If I read it correctly, its only the killzone that got increased by a bit but the width of the entire Ult remains the same.

They should just rework this bloody thing and stop being lazy.

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(Long read warning. Give yourself a cookie if you actually manage through this. Theres no overall TLDR this time, i cover a lot of points)

Indeed they did. They increased the range is does its full 300 damage, out to 2 meters.

Now ask yourself this:

How much damage does it do live at 2 meters? 3 meters? 4 meters?

What will it do with these changes at the same ranges?

IF (big if, its been many many many months since i tested this) i remember correctly- Outside of the 1.5 meter “kill zone” in doomfists current ult, he lost about 50~ damage per meter (Mid-upper 40s, rounding to 50 always seemed “close enough” for government work, considering a fraction of a meter has a big difference here).

But the drop off started at 300

Now itll start at 200

If it drops at the same rate as the last one-

Itll be dropping about at about 30~ per meter.

So with the current version- hed do about 275~ damage out at about 2~ meters, where now itll do a full 300

As soon as you get to 2.5 meters, hell be doing about 50~ less damage overall at any given range- With him having done about 275~ out to 2.5 meters on live, dropping to probably around 180-185~ with these changes.

Again- emphasizing that this is “if” im remembering the drop off rates correctly- But im fairly confident ill be in the “ballpark”

This is a pretty substantial nerf to doomfists “kill range” on 200~ hp targets. But like the notes say- That IS the purpose.

As for the change itself- Im fairly indifferent to it.

To be completely frank- Meteor strike is not the “press Q kill ana/zen” button people make it out to be.

Sure, sure, in a 1v1. If theyre completely in the open- with no suitable terrain, ya- Ill delete them.

But this isnt a 1v1 game.

I need to find ana/zen. Without terrain to block LoS. Or for them to drop off/below. And there cant be a zarya. Or a rein. Or a winston. Or an orisa. Or a briggs. Or a lucio with speed boost. Or…

Does it happen?

Of course it does.

But its far more rare in a coordianted environment than people give credit for. Its always nice to talk about “theoretical”, but what actually happens is rarely so clean. The majority of the time the ults going to get used to retreat and save my posterior- as ill get “more done” using it as an escape (Allowing me to go in a bit more recklessly), than if i sit there and hold the ult… just waiting for all of those conditions to be met (Which is even more fun in a triple tank meta).

Im still waiting to see how these nerfs impact doomfist overall. I strongly feel people over emphasis his reliance on these CC mechanics. Maybe bad doomfists?

But good doomfists are still going to get in and burst people down quickly. You being a couple meters in this or that direction isnt going to drastically change any of that. Uppercut isnt the “guaranteed to put you here” button people who dont play doomfist think it is. Sure its SUPPOSED to currently- But a billion things can go wrong, sending either doomfist or the target in a oddball direction- requiring your to respond, react, and aim accordingly. What its “going to do” will not be anything new that were not already used to.

The BIGGEST change im wondering about, above and beyond, is the reduction in range on slam. This will have a huge impact on the paths and angles doomfist can utilize.

All said and done however-

Im disappointed in blizzard. Not because theyre nerfing doomfist. I may not think hes half as disgustingly OP as a lot of whiner on her complain he is. But i have, and still do, readily acknowledge he is strong and has wiggle room.

My concern is that blizzard, instead of doing things incrementally- Is nerfing everything all at once. Lets nerf upper cut. Lets nerf slam. lets nerf meteor strike!

Doomfist is on a razor thin edge for balance- small changes have, and currently will, have huge impacts on his overall performance- due largely to his overall kit and how it interacts with the current meta and environments it creates in the game.

Nerfing a LOT of things at once, is going to make it very difficult to observe how impactful any of these individual changes is going to be on him. Maybe theyll get it right. Maybe itll be enough. Maybe itll be too little. Was it because of THIS change? Or THAT change? Who knows!

And with blizzards glacial response time to things- It doesnt matter WHAT the result is. Any response, if necessary- will more than likely be a ways off. Especially if they go too far. Again. As they have in the past. Many times. With doomfist as well as many other heroes.

Anyone else remember when they took ana. And nerfed, well. basically everything about her kit at once? How long did it take us to recover from that? Or the opposite- When they buffed mercy into the stratosphere. A year of moth meta.

I love you blizzard, i really do. I have nothing but admiration for the hard work you guys put into this game. But man, im seeing the same mistakes repeated.

Multiple simultaneous kit-impacting changes are never a good thing. Hopefully im wrong here and i eat my words. But i dont have faith currently.


if they have literally any armor they will live. this is a Nerf

Will he be getting his ult charged fast enough to kill them consistently enough to constitute it being referred to as “farming”?

Yeah, doomfist got a buff and no nerfs. GG support mains.