DVA, Winston & Hammond will get upgrades in OW2

Nah, he needs something more if they are removing many stuns since that’s the way you deal with the character.

I think the best way to do it is to focus more on the “wrecking ball” aspect of the character and change what people use grapple for.

Hammond without Flashbang, Freeze, Shieldbash, a much weaker Hack, and probably nerfs to Sleep Dart.

Would have to be balanced differently

Because making him a hyper-throwpick for +95% of the playerbase is a bad idea.

Genuinely don’t care if that’s the result, but he’s fine for the top 3%.

I’d rather they have a sizable chunk of GM/Master Ball players quit the game than do that.
Fixing role queue is more important than 0.02% of the playerbase leaving.

Hammond shield is probably going to give ultimate charge, and he’s probably going to move slower at max grapple speed.

But the rest of his kit is probably going to be buffed.

There’s no way they scrap DM. Tanks aren’t becoming damage dealers, they’re becoming brawlers- meaning they’ll have the potential to zone/peel like before with the added threat of more damage. Dva is getting a DM buff at least, Rein is becoming more damage-oriented/whatever you want to call the new charge cancel feature, and we know Ball is getting mobility nerfs (or something similar)

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Adding onto what you said…


The way I see this is that they will be able to help their team more while standing their ground rather than needing to chase people all the time

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They most likely soft-reworked hammond.

That’s what im guessing.

Wdym? It was hilarious :rofl:

CCs taking a hit, which would mean LESS grapple spam.

Because Tanks wont be Tanks in OW2. That means no more barriers, including DVA’s DM. She’d be op if she had big base dmg AND her Defense Matrix.

You mean damage dealers. Blizzard themselves said Tanks wont stand & defend. All they want is DPS. Hog & Hammond already fit that, and Rein & Sigma are halfway there since their barrier nerfs.

DVA & the rest would not be fun to play as if their barriers were still around. Scratch that, it’d be worse than when old Rein was unplayable, due to 5v5.

I can tell you right now that this isn’t their direction for off-tanks like Dva, Wrecking Ball, Hog and Zarya. Instead of making them better at their current jobs (dealing a load of damage), they’re going to be making them better at the main tank role. This means making them less damage-oriented and more protective of their team mates.

This is the same for main tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa who will be getting changes aimed at making them better at being brawlers rather than just protectors.

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Blizzard’s goal is the complete opposite. They killed Rein & Sigma’s barriers. DVA’s certainly not a defender these days. Tanks had tons of nerfs before Rein & Sigma’s changes, which btw, never affected Hog & Hammond because they never had barriers.

Blizzard’s been going in an FPS direction since the OWL started. They have nothing but eSports on the mind.

5v5 gets rid of one Tank, and again, they said Tanks wont stand & defend. Main Tanks in OW2 are dead.

They wont be defenders anymore. That role name better get changed to Bruiser, Brawler or Heavy, because thats what those characters will be. They’ll be attacking alot, and defending never.

Besides, after all the bs that happened to OW1, who would want to play as a main tank again? No one. I certainly wont make that mistake again.

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I don’t mean they’re becoming main tanks, I mean all tanks are gonna be kinda 50/50 in defence and attack rather than heavily swaying to one way.

It will be 100% attack. Blizzard’s been nerfing defense to the ground, and 5v5 destroys certain defense compositions altogether.

So I guess Reinhardt and Winston are losing their shields? Damn, that’s crazy!

Look at what Rein currently is. Remember when Blizzard made fun of Rein players that swung more & shielded never in Rein’s Cinematic Short? That’s exactly what Blizzard encourages since they nerfed Rein’s barrier & buffed his damage.

And thats just OW1. In OW2, Rein will get TWO firestrikes & will be able to turn while Charging. So Rein will be more of a hard hitter than he already is. There’s nothing about it that spells defense. That’s all DPS, and the Pros will enjoy it the most.

And Winston, we already know he’ll get a new damage ability in OW2. But him getting upgraded will certainly result in his base damage being strong, so players wont have to combine the rocket jump dmg, crappy base dmg & melee to get kills, all while shield hopping.

Of course tanks are becoming more brawl-like and more based around really getting in there and dealing damage. This is especially the case for main tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa, so they’re gonna be more damage-like.

But you argued that off-tanks were becoming even MORE damage-based which isn’t the case. They’re having their defensive capabilities increased to allow them to compete with a Reinhardt, for example, who has great defensive capabilities.

Just read through this statement, it tells you how off-tanks and main-tanks are being balanced in a way that allows them to attack aggressively yet still defend their team when they need to.

Blizzard nerfed Rein’s barrier & they will get rid of it altogether in OW2.

Hammond never had defense capabilities in the first place.

DVA & Winston did, but DVA is an attacker now & her DM had nerfs, and Winston’s current defense capabilities is why he sucks. He cant get kills, and his barrier was never good in the first place.

Its bs. The job main Tanks once had is dying, and it will never come back.

Blizzard’s words & their priority shows that only DPS will remain in OW2, mainly for the OWL.

And unfortunately, that’s the only way OW can be fixed. Blizzard will never go back to Classic Overwatch.

You really think that the Overwatch Team is going to remove Reinhardt’s core identity? Seems like you’re very pessimistic about OW2 and somehow also have a time machine, which is pretty awesome.


Stop. AndyB confirmed that Tanks ROUTED in shields will be getting more damage.

Tanks like D.Va/Wreckingball/Winston are getting there utility improved and defensive abilities buffed.

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