D.Va will get nerfed before end of season

When they disclose stats about QP and Arcade they DONT SPECIFY THE RANK. They just talk about QP and Arcade.

DVA and Zarya do not have the same role; they do not play the same way. If you are playing one like the other you are playing one VERY VERY wrong. Zarya cares more about doing raw damage because her ult is more powerful and wants to be with the Main tank helping the main fight (and this keeps her in position to assist the supports and DPS with a shield as needed after the initial pair to get charge). Meanwhile DVA will often be jumping on the Widow or McCree at range forcing a team to rotate to protect him and then she flies away because she either killed him or forced them back but either way the damage she did is FAR FAR lower than the damage done by a Zarya who would also be playing correctly. Why would you play in the main ball and take away her strength or chase after lone players with Zarya when if they rotate you die? How can you possibly say they fill the same role?

Yes they do.
They always did, that’s why they always competed for a spot in a team.

Zarya can’t play like D.Va, but D.Va can play like Zarya. That’s due to D.Va being a generalist.
However, due to balance changes, D.Va can’t play like D.Va most of the time. She’s too squishy, she feeds too much, making playing with her main tank the only realistic choice.

Rarely you’ll see a McCree wander off away from their team. It’s the best way to get picked by the enemy sniper.
The only hero she can realistically dive is Widow, and countering one hero when everyone else counters you doesn’t make a hero good. It just artificially makes them picked by those who want to get rid of Widow the most.

Zarya is one of the most survivable heroes in the game (Top 3), D.Va is one of the least survivable tanks, with only Rein dying more, and damage has to go through him.

What?!? You never played tuber simulator (meme)

It is a game by PewDiePie

Having the same slot (OT) is not the same as having the same role. This might feel more semantic so I apologize for that but they just do not play the same way. Also Hanzo and Widow will frequently not be on the ball of the team and I am not talking about wondeirng off; no one at any respectable rank wanders off (and if they had wandered off I would say DVA is killing them rather than forcing a rotation), but they arent going to be in the brawl, they are going to be NEAR the brawl in range of their healers but at a spot where for instance Zarya cant hit them.

If you are playing Zarya though and are going after where a Widow or Hanzo or McCree are going to be you will die unless its cleanup duty. Having high survivability is irrelevant when you cannot escape. DVA might have slightly less ability to survive in said scenario (very slightly) but makes up for it with MUCH stronger ability to escape so while Zarya is walking away DVA is already gone.

Tanks like Zarya and Sigma want ult and they want it a lot so they brawl. Heroes like DVA and Hammond (who also does less damage then DVA for whatever that is worth ie 0) want to disrupt and then that disruption leads to kills.

On the 3rd day or so, after buff, I was already saying the 3s cd on booster essentially halves the window of demeching her when she’s diving. But clearly this kinda opinion just gets ignored cuz “she feeds ult charge and is a healing sink”. Well if u got mobility similar to hamster lvl u get to use health packs. Feeding ult charges doesn’t matter as much in the meta after the ult charge universal nerf anyways.

See it this way: in a Venn diagram, Zarya’s area would be within D.Va’s, which would be bigger. In a Rein meta, they are interchangeable.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need D.Va to get rid of Hanzo, Widow or McCree.
While Hanzo and Widow are usually far from their shield, they can be picked by enemy Hanzo/Widow or a McCree playing with his barrier. Doing so, they have a lower chance of being intercepted by the enemy team, and will feed a lot less.

They don’t need their ults to brawl. Zarya just needs Energy, while Sigma needs a barrier, which he has.

Overbuff counts barrier damage in their damage dealt. Hammond doesn’t care about barriers.

If you trying to dive with Zarya then you will lose therefore they do not fill the same role, they compete for the same spot, but the one you pick depends on what your team is trying to do. If you try to sit back and be passive against double sniper they will destroy you because they arent. They are actively harrasing your widow/hanzo and hitting your supports and making them exposed to have their face taken off.

This isnt theoretical this is how the game plays out. I and many others have run both sides of the Rein/Zarya vs Rein/DVA matchup since the patch, and while I think Zarys is better than people give her credit for, just like I think Roadhog and Winston are not AS bad as advertised, DVA is the better choice for the how the teamcomps play out. If the team comps and strategies were different its very possible Zarys could slip in next to Rein instead but that is not how the game plays out at the moment.
Lastly, if 20% of your DVAs damage is going into barriers (when she should not be near them almost ever), you are playing DVA wrong. DVA and Ball are disruptors and are very good at it. On some maps you want both, but on some game modes when you only want one you go with DVA. The meta has taken shape and DVA is currently sitting with Rein atop it daring you to “nerf this”.

I hope you are wrong, but I fear that you are right. Every time she is even remotely useful the anti-D.Va brigade finds a way to flood the forums and get her on the nerf list. She doesn’t need a nerf though.

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A hero can have multiple roles, that is D.Va’s case. D.Va can fill the same role as Zarya, but Zarya can’t dive.
Is it really so hard to understand ?

D.Va is trash against double sniper, and this has been the case forever. She can harass Widow, but Hanzo just dumps on her. She has no way to get rid of him consistently before he gets rid of her.
Double Sniper was first countered with Double Sniper, then GOATS, then Double Barrier. No matter how you look at things, we’re back to square one. D.Va still can’t contest both snipers.

It’s already the case. In the past 4 days, D.Va has lost nearly 2% in GM, while Zarya went up the same amount. They’re nearly equal right now, with D.Va at 6.86% and Zarya at 6.65%.

D.Va is good at barrier break because of her infinite ammo.

And it’s already changing to Rein/Zarya, which already was the meta everywhere else.

If one double sniper has the snipers getting harassed and the other does not because they picked Zarya the one with Zarya will lose. Zarya SHOULD be getting played more than DVA because of natural synergy with Rein but the problem is DVA is just better at countering everything else which outweighs the natural synergy. Even though you would WANT to play Zarya into DVA you want to play DVA into double sniper, but if the meta shifts more towards heroes like Tracer (who I have started to see in far more games lately), and away from Hanzo/Widow then picking Zarya would be better. The problem is though that if Tracer ever becomes popular people just pick Brigg and that pretty much ends that.

I’m trying to enjoy it but the community seems a bit behind on tank meta. I pick dva (the tank I’m most skilled at by far) in the start area and they already start complaining that dva is trash, play zarya they say… proceed to pick zarya : we get run over or Decide to ignore them and pick dva : I do well but they blame me being on dva for everything that goes wrong the whole match and don’t try to improve their own decisions, “cause dvas not meta”

So frustrating. Uninformed people are always the most opinionated it seems

This is something that can’t be proved.
Besides, I may add that Double Sniper isn’t meta atm. There’s no specific meta DPS, except maybe McCree.

D.Va is only good at countering Widow. She is bad against every other DPS.

Hanzo is well off-meta. He’s been falling steadily since the patch.

Dva is not bad against all dps… she’s really good against phara, mccree, tracer, genji, torb, doomfist, and can help The other tank deal with a reaper.

Dvas biggest weakness is beam heroes, Mei, symm, zarya

Any hitscan is infinitely better. Pharah isn’t good. Or even played.

These heroes shred through D.Va. They get a massive advantage from her critbox.

He can easily farm his ult on her, but that’s not his job to take her out.

Can force DM off, which alone is a great asset for his team. But like Genji, he shouldn’t be focusing her. Nothing she can do if he goes for someone else.

The problem is she has a weakness against beams, who can’t headshot, and heroes who can headshot.
As long as this will be the case, her balance will be wack.

off meta…you cannot be serious. I just had to check the site you use because my games did not back that up but he is currently the second most played DPS wtih approximately double the pickrate of a mean average (note using overbuffs in a perfectly balanced game a tank would have 4% pickrate and a balanced DPS would have 2%). Right now the 5 DPS getting picked basically line up with the games I am seeing and all of those are DPS DVA is fine against.

As Brigg shows against Tracer you do not need to kill someone to counter them, you just need to deny them the ability to do what they do which can also put them in a position to get countered (fighting a widow dual with a DVA in your face is pretty much impossible for one party and I will let you guess which one).

But her strength is if played well she can choose her battles. You don’t face tank beams because you have an escape. She can chase down and finish off flankers like no other Tank. I do think they should either reduce her crit box or make matrix stop beams though

dva is meta in comp lol.

I am. If you look at trends, you can see Mei and Widow replaced him.

No. The only DPS D.Va is “fine” against is Widow. Mei hard counters her, so does Hanzo, McCree can easily get rid of her.

Brig doesn’t counter Tracer anymore. Tracer can safely get rid of Brig before going for the rest of the team. Merely a speed bump.

Then you pick McCree and instantly, you can get rid of both Widow and D.Va easily and from safety.
Or the tank picks Sigma and throws his barrier in Widow’s face.

Even if she does, she’s way too squishy to be effective. The cost of diving is often too high.

Escaping is a euphemism for “not doing your job.”

The thing is, DPS can do it better. And will feed a lot less.

Orisa and Sigma got dumpstered, so D.Va is not OP, but she is relatively better now because the other tanks suck. This is the same story that got us into the double-shield meta, where all the other tanks sucked after being nerfed to oblivion cause goats.

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Give it time.

Players will ask for Dva nerfs. This is what players tends to do on this forum when a hero gets meta.