D.Va will get nerfed before end of season

I am only saying this as a guess. But seeing the win rate numbers for dva in higher ranks I can tell you all that she is going to get nerfed somehow.

My guess is that they will change her Booster CD or nerf something else in her kit like DM.

Enjoy the ride while it last folks.


Some people are saying shes a dive monster right now but lets hope shes not getting nerfed

I hope she gets buffs, not nerfs


tbh i have a good WR on dva right now in solo que, after 50 mathes my win rate is at 64%

According to Jeff, “from now on we will nerf/buff more quickly and aggressively.”

So … if Dva’s pickrate is high they will probably put boosters CD on 5s again. And maybe a few more nerfs :frowning:

The good thing is that Jeff also said that if the situation changes they could reverse the changes in a week or two. And that is going to happen with all the heroes not just Dva.

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Her win rates seem pretty average in all ranks right now…

If tanks see nerfs in the next meta-targeted balance update, I’d expect it to be more focused on Reinhardt, given that Rein/Zarya and Rein/D.va both appear to be “meta” for different maps. I suppose we’ll have to see just how aggressive they intend to be at attacking the meta with their new balance policy, though.

Depends on whether streamers and tubers have started whining or not. Nerf guaranteed as soon as their complaints pick up traction.


Tuber simulator intensifies

is that an update patch to goat simulator?

She has the 18th highest winrate on GM this week, that’s not the high, you have seen to much Emongg


It’s no surprise who the one of the first streamers to complain about it is.



You guys act like it’s going to be end of the world everytime when your precious main/hero you hate gets either nerfed/buffed/reworked, etc anways.

If they didnt nerf/buff heroes at all this game would go stale pretty quickly.

Just seeing a Widow being destroyed is pure joy.


Why would you buff a meta hero? That is just silly.

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i’m sorry but what game are you playing where she is meta?

I am not that into comp, but at least I know she isnt meta

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The competitive mode of Overwatch where she is meta. RIght now in the current game she is absolutely the second best tank (Rein is the definitive 1).

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Pretty sure the only reason she is seen as meta is because of heresay and mainly from Samito. And if he thinks she was fine where she was then that kind of tells you all you need to know seeming as she was the worst tank by a large margin.

Which is why I find the d.va nerf calls silly because its more of “oh but we hear” rather than anything. Look at the vast majority of the arguments that she is “good” its not based in the here and now but predictions for week 1 of ow and beyond. Pretty much everyone arguing she is good now is using OWL as a basis for it when OWL isn’t even on right now.

Nor is it proven that this is anything more than a week 1 thing. How many times has the expected week 1 meta came and done nothing? No one was expecting goats when it started pretty sure people were expecting a more traditional comp to be the best meta. Weren’t people also expecting things like BOSS, Pirate ship, Clockwork comps and many others to do more? For every goats there is several expected dominate comp that falls on its face in favor others.

People forget that how poor of a spot d.va is in tbh. And how many people just want to see her not be playable. There is no room to remove the changes and add more nerfs. It just the “d.va is fine” rhetoric while she was the worst tank and hero all over again. In fact Samito used the D.va was fine argument in his quoted post that some one posted ealier.


Nobody cares about Samito. People are playing DVA because she is really strong (well that and no one wants to play Sigma). She pairs okay with Rein and is GREAT with ball and so she has 2 avenues to see play so people are going to pick her.

No they don’t but they care about the pros. And he is one of the biggest people pushing that the pro scene is d.va/rein.

That’s too bad. I’ve been enjoying eating her up with Reaper and Mei.