D.Va will get nerfed before end of season

I thought everyone was still saying she’s trash and her last buff was meaningless…

No way… could they have been wrong?

D.Va was allowed to be annoyingly powerful, cocky and infuriating for a long time before Blizzard dealt with it. People got used to that and ranking up quickly, as soon as they put the thing in its place they feel entitled to the maximum power again.

Then again I am a hater of the glorified arcade box. I wish they put it in the ground during the cinematic. That’s the only place it belongs: ten thousand miles below Korean sea level.

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She gets nerfed everytime she gets a skin


We arent that much of sheep. DVA is getting picked because she is strong and works. Yes people do not want to play Sigma or Orisa at the moment, but right now she is stronger than Zarya for Rein, and works great with ball so its a situation of why not play her.

Rein DVA is the meta not because someone said it but because those are the two best tanks and if you do not play Rein DVA you play Ball DVA, BUT you can also work with other tanks if you choose because its REALLY close in terms of best tank outside of Rein and Rein will probably just lose 100hp or so in his shield and that is it.

Its almost as if people are tunnel visioning buffs = good and nerfs = bad. Its almost like the changes are not given a proper look and instead people love to exaggerate the extent of both while a patch is new. Its almost as if Sigma still has more than any other off tank after his nerfs.

And that d.va has been in the dumps and people want her not to be in it any longer. And those who dislike her want her to go back to being trash despite her being there recently.

So its almost as if both the haters and the people who like her have a genuine incentive to want to make it out that this buff makes her good. Yes she is better than she has been but I think colored glasses are being used with her. Either colored by hatred or by “she is finally got something so I can play her again”.

And this doesn’t even mention how not being in the patch makes Zarya and other not mentioned tanks less appealing simply by not being in the patch. They have to test buffed characters and I think people are not giving the unmentioned ones there due.

Given time we will see exactly what this change will land I and I don’t think its going to look good for the people who think she is fixed. Maybe I am wrong but given the fact I see multiple motives for people to overblow things yes I do think the slower and take time to really let time show us is what needs to happen.


It’s buffs to popular heroes are good, nerfs to popular heroes are bad, and vice versa for unpopular heroes …

Its not just sheeping that makes people look at this buff in a manner that I don’t think is quiet accurate. Its the fact that its a movement buff. Movement buffs have historically been twisted to do more than they actually do.

Look at Reaper and Shadowstep. There was a lot of good about his kit that shadowstep didn’t get valued and once shadowstep gets tweaked people suddenly remember what he can do. Shadowstep doesn’t make or break him but boy do people act like it does.

Or look at Widow and her grapplehook changes. People have pretty much argued that they make or break her too. Movement changes don’t get rated properly. People love to tunnel in on movement and nothing else. Probably because movement is seen as fun. And fun factor alone can cause wild swings in perception of an ability. Heck people even are willing to fight for nerfs (not just in overwatch but gaming as a whole) for the sake of fun. (note: I am talking indivdiual heroes here when I am talking about taking nerfs and looking at that hero in a vaccum. People would prefer the more fun design alot of the times even if its not competitively close to viable)

So yes its not all sheeping but multiple factors that include sheeping for one that makes me think that the claims she is good right now are questionable.

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Yeah, they should make here critbox bigger, she unkillable :clown_face:

Reaper was awful after just the shadowstep buff. He needed the heal buff to be viable. Case in point right now he does not have that buff anymore and now is a bottom 4 DPS, but the shadowstep buff is still there.

They probably will nerf her in near future …

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the shadowstep buff is the one that people argue is what fixed him even if its not true.

“If a reason to nerf D.Va did not exist, it would be necessary to invent one.”

_ Voltaire


ofc she will, how this mode called in arcades, where every hero have no cooldowns or very short cds ? That’s dva now.

She’s 18th in GM ? She’s far from the top 10 in every tier ? I don’t get it.
Zarya is slowly replacing her. Meta sheeps are noticing their SR drop. Following rumors (“Muh pros are scrimming Rein/D.Va wink wink”) doesn’t make a hero good.

Is that why Zarya beats her in every stat except pickrate ?
Look at GM:

  • Winrate: 55.86% vs 53.31%
  • Damage: 20,133 (n°3) vs 14,578
  • Kills: 29,60 (n°1) vs 25.38
  • Obj Kills: 12.61 (n°3) vs 6.83
  • Time on fire: 17.87% (n°1) vs 5.67% (n°29)

I could even add medals: 3.5 (1.6 gold) vs 3.0 (1.0 gold)

Zarya carries games. D.Va doesn’t, she gets carried instead.

This the most pathetic clip i ever seen

This is the old “I have all the golds” argument which is not a very sound argument in any game and certainly not sound here (also time on fire really? I think Bap is still number 1 at time on fire and he is probably one of the 3 worst supports).

Basically your problem is that you do not understand the context of the numbers you are using and by extension why people pick DVA over Zarya by a wide margin. Here is a simple example if the team is facing a Widow a DVA is a MUCH better pick. However by being on DVA instead of Zarya you will do far less damage because instead of damaging beefy tanks you are diving on squishies.

Why bother dude this happened in GOATS too but included pickrate


Medals are an indicator of a hero’s performance in their team. Zarya and D.Va both have an easy time getting gold elims due to their weapons, but Zarya does more than just pile up elims. She’s also a top damage dealer and objective defender.

Bap is behind Zarya. I believe he also gets a lot of fire from saving people with IF.
Neither Zarya or D.Va get much fire from their damage blocking abilities. Zarya though deals a lot of damage, getting a lot more fire from elims, and since a lot more of those are also on the objective, that’s even more fire.

You singled out two stats out of the six I mentionned. Why is her winrate lower ? Why does she get much less kills, especially on the objective despite similar time spent there ?
Because as it turns out: D.Va is terrible at being a tank. She’s just there to dive Widow and nothing else. That doesn’t make her good.
It would be a far better solution, statistically, to pick Widow to counter Widow, and have Zarya as the off-tank.

It makes no sense to pick D.Va just to counter Widow, when she’s clearly dead weight against all 5 other enemies.
Zarya is the opposite: bad against Widow, but carries games vs all 5 other enemies. Zarya is simply the better pick.


Win rate is demonstrably inaccurate on Overbuff as has been established by Blizzard even recently when they mentioned Soldier and Genji and Overbuffs win rate for them was way off because of how it gathers statistics.

Also I didnt care about those stats because they are meaningless.

Here lets play a game: who is the better DPS Ashe or Widow? The answer is Widow and we all know its Widow but who does more damage in a game? Ashe. Who has more eliminations per game? Ashe. Who has more time on fire? Ashe. Who has the higher winrate per Overbuff (which is probably wrong but whatever)? Ashe . Who is the better DPS? Widowmaker.

The stats are meaningless because different heroes perform different roles on a team and the argument of “I have all the golds” is an argument made by people who belong in gold.


it’s like poetry luv