D.Va will get nerfed before end of season

I say just scrap the buff entirely in that case. It was a waste of time.

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Like, I get Dva needed something, but that change is ridiculous.

Wonder when people figure out that any tank combination with Roadhog on it will make any Dva combinations look like throw picks?

Also, if rein/dva is somehow winning, I would have to once again point at Ana how she’s getting nano ridiculously fast and just bruteforcing your reinhardt through the enemy team is working wonders. And counter to Ana shenanigans is only another Ana, moira isn’t going to do jacksquat to antiheal or nanoboosted rein smearing yours into the wall, but anti-heal and sleep dart will make even nanoreins back off.

If dva is used in high ranks more than Zarya who’s the staple rein buddy everywhere besides gm, that’s because widowmaker alone is too OP on those ranks to be left alone and Zarya can’t do anything to widowmaker. And even if you’re ml7 on support and diving enemy widow with hamster dva combo, top 500 widow can still full hold entire teams like what happened yesterday on Havanna against Onigod.

Dva is not even half as good as players make her out to be, but she’s versatile, fun tank and favourite of people, so it doesn’t matter if you lose your rank if you can keep on playing fun hero like dva kek. Oh and if your dva isn’t eating every single ana nade and sleep dart and making enemy ana live miserable enough to swap away, there’s no point going dva insead of zarya and making your rein foolproof. Rein is what drives this meta and if he falls, your team can’t progress against the enemy Rein walling you off.


ill say also revert that buff

give her something else

like 1 sec matrix delay, and reduced crit box by 25%

she very very opressive if enemy tanks can coordinate well,

but she also compeletely useless sometimes when ure team are not coordinated enough

It’s funny because the booster buff affects this matchup the most. Very few others are affected by it. And, wow, the clip complaining about it featured what hero but widowmaker? Boohoo she has a harder counter. Finally. That isn’t herself.


If you think there is ANY world in which a Widow will do more damage than an Ashe then you are delusional. She also will almost always have less elims, obj time and probably less on fire time but that stat is hilariously pointless. They are both DPS heroes. They just do different things.

The core problem with what you are doing is you are trying to use facts to suit theories rather then theories to suit facts. DVA has always been less damage then Zarya even when DVA was mandatory and Zarya was a trashcan for this exact reason. ANY GM player could probably do far more raw damage on most heroes but it would help because that is not what the purpose of most of those characters are. DVAs goal is not to farm up an ult, its to dive on the lower health heroes and either kill them or make them useless. Sigma used to do this job better but with the nerfs you can finally pick DVA and have her do the role very well. Also its worth noting that DVA/Ball was already better on some maps to run then Orisa/Sigma anyway.

Also WHEN that comment about Genji was posted (also I almost did a spit take when you tried to argue that he would cite GM players but then not talk about the competitive mode as though it would be worth posting what the GM stats in 3v3 are), Genji had 4x the pickrate on overbuff since the patch. You can see how they have normalized more because since that post Soldiers pick rate has doubled thus pushing the numbers to be closer together. They have posted numerous times that Overbuff does not have accurate win rate statistics and its not Overbuffs fault because they do not have access to all of the data anymore.

Without looking at your account, I am guessing you are a DVA main so accepting that your hero is strong would mean she might get nerfs in the future but I do not see that happening. She is strong and unquestionably meta and certainly the second best tank but the gap between 2nd and 5th is small so there is no need to take action. Outside of Winston and Roadhog being too weak and Rein being a tad too strong (if he gets nerfed it will be very minor) the tank role is nearly perfect.

People get too defensive about their heroes and it causes a lot of biases. DVA is not the mandatory pick she was a year ago but she is still meta and still the second best tank but its fine to be second best if you are not mandatory in all situations.

Winston’s not weak. He’s just too easily countered and power crept.

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Winston is really only hard countered by Reaper but Reaper is trash right now.

Winston is just not as good as Ball and DVA because Ball and DVA were given more escapability and maneuverability so its the old problem of Winston can get in but he cant really get out before he gets focused down. He isnt a trashcan like some of the worst DPS but he just is not as good as those 2 heroes.

He’s a main tank and always has been, with the same weaknesses as a main tank. That’s like saying Ana’s broken because she does more healing than Lucio.

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He isnt a main tank and never has been. They WANTED him to be a main tank and thus the shield but his kit is most closely comparable to DVA. He sacrificed her mobility but he basically has defense matrix and his shield can be used in the same vein as her flying in and using matrix on someone so he gains that but at his core Sigma is the reason people stopped playing DVA because Sigma just did her job better.

When paired with Orisa, he took the role of the main tank as the guy who picked where the front line was. The team peeled for him and kept him safe, including Orisa. Orisa’s got lots of peel, Sigma’s got more ability to directly make space. Therefore, Sigma was the main tank in the Orisa-Sig lineup, and it’s hard to argue that in any other comp apart from Sig-Rein or maybe Sig-Ball that Sig is not the main tank in that group.

Orisa job in Orisa/Sig comp was to get the team in. The job of the main tank is essentially to be the engager and get the team to the fight. The job of the off tank is to protect the team and assist the MT. I am giving very loose definitions because the exact nature of the role changes from game to game but in the comp Orisa pushes in and Sigma helps Orisa get in. Orisa is not protecting the team from the dive players or shutting down their widow. That is Sigmas job. Orisa’s job is to get the team to the fight and start blasting in simple terms.

Yes she is, Halt is better peel than Accretion by an enormous margin. Sigma’s vulnerable to heroes like Doomfist and Winston, Orisa helped with that with her peel and close-range damage both being better than his.

Orisa protected Sigma while Sigma used his damage and disruption to make space.

Which makes your little game even more moot. D.Va and Zarya can be compared, as they fulfill the same purpose, which is supplementary tanking and damage.
They have similar damage blocked numbers (with Zarya slightly over D.Va) and similar objective time (again, Zarya slightly over D.Va). Those are the key tank stats.

But if you look at everything damage related, Zarya is widely, massively superior to D.Va, despite their effective DPS being the opposite. D.Va accounting her Missiles cooldown, deals ~160DPS, while Zarya, accounting reload, deals ~129 at max charge.
It is not simply a matter of what they shoot, but how much they shoot at this point, and from what range. Zarya deals way mora damage over the course of the game due to her ability to stay in the fight for extended periods. D.Va can’t.

And even if she’s used solely to take out Widow, clearly that isn’t sufficient to win games. Widow also wins more than D.Va so it clearly isn’t working.

Pretty sure he didn’t. Not in GM.

Where ?

As I already said, they have disclosed stats in the past that always included QP and Arcade. This is assumed as long as they don’t specify modes.

It’s not about accepting that my hero is strong, it’s about showing it isn’t. D.Va isn’t strong, she’s over-used in GM. That’s it. Everywhere else Zarya is played way more, in accordance with their stats.
GM simply followed a rumor, and they’re slowly starting to realize their mistake.

Fourth at best. No way she’s better than Hammond.

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It was likely to happen even if she wasn’t seeing fringe success.

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When they disclose stats about QP and Arcade they DONT SPECIFY THE RANK. They just talk about QP and Arcade.

DVA and Zarya do not have the same role; they do not play the same way. If you are playing one like the other you are playing one VERY VERY wrong. Zarya cares more about doing raw damage because her ult is more powerful and wants to be with the Main tank helping the main fight (and this keeps her in position to assist the supports and DPS with a shield as needed after the initial pair to get charge). Meanwhile DVA will often be jumping on the Widow or McCree at range forcing a team to rotate to protect him and then she flies away because she either killed him or forced them back but either way the damage she did is FAR FAR lower than the damage done by a Zarya who would also be playing correctly. Why would you play in the main ball and take away her strength or chase after lone players with Zarya when if they rotate you die? How can you possibly say they fill the same role?

Yes they do.
They always did, that’s why they always competed for a spot in a team.

Zarya can’t play like D.Va, but D.Va can play like Zarya. That’s due to D.Va being a generalist.
However, due to balance changes, D.Va can’t play like D.Va most of the time. She’s too squishy, she feeds too much, making playing with her main tank the only realistic choice.

Rarely you’ll see a McCree wander off away from their team. It’s the best way to get picked by the enemy sniper.
The only hero she can realistically dive is Widow, and countering one hero when everyone else counters you doesn’t make a hero good. It just artificially makes them picked by those who want to get rid of Widow the most.

Zarya is one of the most survivable heroes in the game (Top 3), D.Va is one of the least survivable tanks, with only Rein dying more, and damage has to go through him.

What?!? You never played tuber simulator (meme)

It is a game by PewDiePie

Having the same slot (OT) is not the same as having the same role. This might feel more semantic so I apologize for that but they just do not play the same way. Also Hanzo and Widow will frequently not be on the ball of the team and I am not talking about wondeirng off; no one at any respectable rank wanders off (and if they had wandered off I would say DVA is killing them rather than forcing a rotation), but they arent going to be in the brawl, they are going to be NEAR the brawl in range of their healers but at a spot where for instance Zarya cant hit them.

If you are playing Zarya though and are going after where a Widow or Hanzo or McCree are going to be you will die unless its cleanup duty. Having high survivability is irrelevant when you cannot escape. DVA might have slightly less ability to survive in said scenario (very slightly) but makes up for it with MUCH stronger ability to escape so while Zarya is walking away DVA is already gone.

Tanks like Zarya and Sigma want ult and they want it a lot so they brawl. Heroes like DVA and Hammond (who also does less damage then DVA for whatever that is worth ie 0) want to disrupt and then that disruption leads to kills.

On the 3rd day or so, after buff, I was already saying the 3s cd on booster essentially halves the window of demeching her when she’s diving. But clearly this kinda opinion just gets ignored cuz “she feeds ult charge and is a healing sink”. Well if u got mobility similar to hamster lvl u get to use health packs. Feeding ult charges doesn’t matter as much in the meta after the ult charge universal nerf anyways.