Dva needs a nerf

Since the release of overwatch 2, she has been microbuffed almost every season when even in season 1 she was good and that was when zarya was very op, her “hard counter” as people like to say. Season 2 was the only season where she hasn’t dominated the leaderboards and been a crutch pick for pretty bad players to just rank up using. Unlike every other tank she doesn’t really have any counter play, her dm is extremely oppressive lasting 5 seconds and eating most cooldowns and some ultimates that are in the game. She has one of the highest health pools, can take high ground with an amazing vert and horizontal movement ability that pushes and deals damage on a 4sec cooldown and with her missiles can easily and more consistently kill people much faster than most other tanks.

I don’t play pc, however on console if you go to almost any season on any region on any page their is a good chance dva will be the majority tank like 5 dva mains upwards. This is especially true on Europe where in the top 100 pool on every season there is more than 50 sometimes 70 dva mains in top 100 from season 1-9.

I used to play tank but now I can’t stand it because every match you either play dva or you try and play hog or mauga because they are the only good enough tanks to fight her directly. The only time not going one of these is valid is if your a insane doom player or all 5 teammates are on the same page and you can play Winston or orisa sometimes however mauga shuts both of them down and dva can still be played here. So basically mauga needs a nerf aswell but dva is more the problem because it is every game for well over a year now.

Rant: not fun and not skillful. I’d rather a year of mauga games than dva games. I genuinely believe she is the only tank more braindead and unskillful than mauga. So when I get a lucky game where it’s not just someone on xim destroying the other team it is still a boring dva match.


She almost has no downside… and she can get another mech :confused: Max survivability

Yes i forgot to mention that aswell, her ult charges incredibly fast so she usually has it early in 2nd fight and is very hard to stop her remeching/ if mech dies in some scenarios she can straight up rez herself basically

i agree.
its already depressing to play tank, now it became also boring. to play 2-3 heroes out of 12 (or ten?)
i made another topic in discussions in general

playing much ranked OW if u play only tank is just not worth it

This is your problem. We probably need separate balancing for console vs PC.

On PC, D.Va isn’t even a top tank at all right now. In fact, in pro play D.Va was one of only 3 tanks who didn’t see play in the recent tournament. So, she’s doing terribly at the pro level.

She may be good on console, but she’s positively mediocre on PC right now. B-tier at best.


Pc and pro play are not the same though, pc ranked is nothing like proplay and the meta in pro is always going to be different than ranked unless it’s cripplingly strong. Like when genji was apparently an awful dps and no one played him in ranked but was in almost every pro match. I watch a good bit of streamers and YouTube on ranked play in pc and I still see mauga and dva all the time.

They’re not but she isn’t op on ladder. She is a solid pick nothing more nothing less.

Don’t ask for nerfs just because you play on console where everyone xims.


Dva might need a nerf, but your intelligence def needs a buff

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And she’s mid on PC ranked. Like I said, she’s B-tier. Even on Flats most recent tier list, and he usually overrates D.Va, he put her at b.

Besides, you think DM lasts 5 seconds. It doesn’t, it’s 3. And you think there’s no counterplay which is hilariously wrong. She’s one of the easiest tanks to hard counter. You really have no clue.


She’s not, also flats NEVER overarates dva he literally always underrates her literally look at any tier list he makes. I think the only one she got above a B was like last season.

I meant 3. Also the counterplay is what? Go sym or zarya? When it comes to zarya you literally ignore her until she has 1 or no bubbles then dive her and she collapses and with sym you just dive her immediately in the fight and she collapses. I say mauga is valid against her because you sit there and don’t stop shooting her so she can’t ever push, she is literally the joint hardest tank in the game to counter with mauga. If he has a kiriko then it’s him, if he doesn’t its dva.

She was listed higher at the start of Season 9. He’s a top 500 tank main who isn’t biased towards D.Va. So, perhaps you should consider that you are wrong here.

That’s not what you said though. It’s literally never been 5 at any point.

Beams for one, but it’s not just beams. Taking up off angles for example. Using enough damage to force her to burn her DM, just like trying to bait Zarya’s bubbles.

Look, if you think D.Va needs a nerf right now then it’s a skill issue.

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Dva enhances xim as an issue however that’s not even remotely the reason I made the post. I made it very clear that I wasnt talking about her in combination with cheaters, I was talking about her as a hero that is too oppressive. And too capable in every aspect with little counterplay.

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For someone being called “noob killer” you certainly act like the noob here


Like the other guy you don’t give any meaningful criticism you just kind of speak to speak

As a Diamond dva main its waay too easy to burst down dva even without playing beams if you use more than a braincell, you just need to bait dm, wait for it to go on cooldown since even if you flick it for a second it goes into a full second cooldown and then just shoot her at her massive critbox in the middle of her mech which even if you miss you end up landing normal bodyshots, sorry fo your skill issue tho


You are obviously a classic dva player who thinks dva is never overpowered and is very easy to kill so I’m just not gonna bother with replying to you any more because I know the answer will just be skill issue or she is easy to counter and I cba with it

Sorry you dont like hearing the truth but putting your hands in your ears wont make you a better player, so cope harder or actualy use 1 more braincell to counter play a dva

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Like I said to the other person and had pretyped before you sent your message. All dva players think she is easy to kill and not good. I’m not going to argue with a brick wall it’s like trying to have a conversation with a help forum chat bot they will just say the same thing over and over “skill issue” “she is easy to counter” type voicelines.

Then what are you here for? looking for people to echo chamber with you? we already have enough with silver playstyle of swanky orc, we dont need another one but hey if it makes you feel better, be my guest, just remember, you wont acutually git gud by just being here on the forums

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I’m not here to echo chamber but I’m also not here to get blood from stones and arguing with literally any dva main is like trying to get blood from rocks because you are all so outrageously arrogant and can’t help but take dva being too powerful into a possibility of consideration. Like I said how is dva been dominant on almost every page of every season of every region and still being getting buffed throughout ow2s course. Since s1 dva players have said exactly what you are saying and complaining she is too weak when it is just not true, if you can’t make dva work it is you who has a skill issue.