Double the damage of Pilot D.Va's light gun

Not QUITE double, but change it from

  • 14 damage per hit x 7 shots per second


  • 25 damage per hit x 7 shots per second

Then double the amount of charge required for Call Mech to keep it proportional.

This is still only 175 dps, which is about the same as most DPS heroes, except baby D.Va has 150 hp, no mobility, and no additional abilities.

This is actually a serious suggestion that I think could solve a lot of her problems. Take a second to think about it.

It’d make her an actual threat and require that players actually have to follow through in finishing her off or risk getting melted if they try to stagger her.

It would also greatly increase her carry potential and give her way more options for big plays, like she could initiate a fight knowing that if she gets close enough it doesn’t matter if she loses her mech too fast because she can use it to close the distance and then put out a lot of damage from close range blaster power.

I actually can’t see a downside to this. It could open up a lot more strategic potential and offers her an incentive to delay her call mech instead of looking for the nearest cliff to jump off of.

It’s not as though she could actually be too strong in baby-dva form since she is super fragile, has no mobility, and contributes nothing but shooting.

So why not let her REALLY do some shooting, huh?




You can forget about increasing numbers on D.Va, the only number they want her to be increased is her death rate.




I think with her hitbox allowing her to easily stay in close range and her massive projectiles she already had quite a bit of survivability, and her damage is good already.


The pilot mode isn’t really meant to be taken seriously

Like, is still a threat without her mech, but she isn’t supposed to be able to function that well without it.


Dva’s gun is very similar to Mercy’s pistol. Both can do a “surprising amount of damage”. The trouble with both is that they have been power crept out of relevance. The recent changes are helping, but we’re still not there yet. We may eventually be there if Blizzard keeps it up, and that would be a good thing.

Damage across the board still needs nerfs. When people stop instantly dying to ultra-mobile damage heroes (looking at Doomfist as one of the worst offenders now), pilot Dva’s pistol will be far more powerful than it is now relative to the rest of the weapons in the game.

If Dva still ends up needing buffs, then I’d like to see them give pilot Dva more abilities rather than just buffing her damage. She could be made into a proper threat some other way.

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just make it a hitscan weapon…

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A compelling argument, no doubt based on a sound understanding of the game.

Certainly not a reflexive dismissal of a change that might actually make sense if you stop to consider it.

What are D.Va’s two biggest weaknesses/problems right now?

  1. Despite being a tank, she is far too fragile, doesn’t do enough damage due to her extremely limited range, and she has difficulty contributing value controlling high ground space; most other tanks can do any/all of these jobs better than her.
  2. The pilot de-mech mechanic, rather than being one of D.Va’s strengths that allows her to keep fighting in a more diminished form after “dying”, has become an actual handicap that makes her worse than if she died when her mech died.

So what happens if her tank form dies and she turns into a higher damage form? She instantly becomes more threatening if you shoot her than if you don’t, just like zarya. You either have to commit to the full elimination, or you are going to make things worse. That’s exactly why I think it would work better for her than any other tweak.

While it is true that it does similar damage to mercy’s pistol (96 dps for dva and 100 dps for mercy) this is NOT a lot of damage. It is lower than every dps and every tank except winston. It might seem like it does a lot of damage sometimes because it is a projectile that can land headshots and has no damage falloff.

Ok, but why?

I know that’s how it was designed, but given the fact that pilot form has become an actual handicap when it was supposed to be like a 2nd life, wouldn’t it make more sense to make her useful?

Because right now the most efficient strategy is usually to run towards the nearest cliff as soon as you get de-suited instead of even trying to fight as pilot D.Va. Do you really think that’s how it was supposed to work?

That would make her significantly better at long ranges, which sort of defeats the point. We don’t want baby D.Va to run away and play sniper #3 on a team, we want her to present an immediate threat once she bails out of her mech.

Maybe the damage I suggested is slightly too high, but I honestly think this may be one of the best ways to tweak her to be useful again barring a revert of the 15m defense matrix. Give her 150 dps in pilot form and she’s a mini-dps hero instead of a liability.

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Dva already has the best survivability in terms of raw hp and armor, plus she gets a seconds chance that is unique to her, ans its eay too humiliating dying to a baby so no

I would honestly want to see what this would be like

She also has the largest hitbox and the largest critical-hit-box.

Unique, true, but it actually makes her worse. In the state she is in now, if she died like wrecking ball instead of ejecting it would be an improvement.

That’s because pilot D.Va is the weakest hero in the game. If she was supposed to be a threat, it wouldn’t feel the same.

I’d like them to just make her bullets 60 mps. Other than your utter helplessness (which is intentional) Baby D.Va doesn’t feel clunky or bad at her (one) job.

If baby dva had an ability what would it be?

Combat roll with no reload.

2 second cooldown

Two things, I respect that you had to make a clickbait title to draw people in, it certainly will BUT it’s going to make a lot of the people who click recoil and push back mentally before they even read your proposal.

I actually think this bit of thinking is quite sound, even if the numbers are a bit high. I’d try 20 personally. A lot of the objections run along the lines of “No I just don’t want to deal with that.” but as it currently is, nobody is afraid of pilot dva and that is a problem. I agree completely that the pilot form is actually a liability.

While I agree with like, all of this, I know we also aren’t in that state where the damage from her pistol is comparably threatening now. And it will probably be a long time and many months of suffering until we are.

She’d be a nightmare in small dark rooms.

Then again, she’s a gremlin, so she should be a nightmare in small dark rooms, shouldn’t she?

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All I can think is:


And I can usually get 6 or 7 binks on the same target. I might just play suitless if this idea were to become reality.

There are actually only a few DPS heroes that do more than 160 DPS though?

Junkrat (~200 DPS), Bastion (~450 DPS in sentry), Symmetra (~170 DPS at full charge), 76 (~173 DPS).

Sombra does 160 DPS, widely considered one of the worst “direct combat” DPS heroes, and McCree does 140…