Double the damage of Pilot D.Va's light gun

For a fast straight projectile with no fall of dmg and a quick reload… that pistol is actually really good. It’s the same one Mercy has btw far as I know.

If you land head shots it can do a ton of dmg. Of all the complaints about Pilot DVa I really don’t think her pistol is one of them.

Both of which are hitscan heroes who have 200 hp instead of 150 hp and have additional abilities besides their weapon.

So I know it SOUNDS very high but think about it like this: Would tracer be an actual viable DPS hero if she was a projectile hero with no blinks and no recall? Or would she die a lot and sometimes bring somebody down with her?

You could even give her gun damage falloff despite being a projectile. The point is mostly to make sure that anyone who de-mechs her at close range has to immediately deal with the threat presented by pilot form or risk dying much faster than if they left D.Va alone.

It is the same underlying principle behind Zarya’s tank presence/threat, and that’s why I think it would work really well.

That’s situational though, having the second life is like having a Mercy. It can be real bad news for the enemy if they let get her mech back especially since she can still potentially kill someone trying to do that.