Don't nerf Moira. She should be able to heal through enemy barriers

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

This is a totally unnecessary nerf to Moira and I fear this will be her downfall.
The only healer that can heal through now is Mercy and we all know she is the best Healer already. No need to make her even better than the other supports.

Let’s be honest now. Does anyone have a problem with Moira healing through barriers? I always thought it was her design but I guess I was wrong.

Her healing resource in limited already. No need to limit it even more.

I’m not calling for a Mercy nerf btw. (just because I know some individuals will sadly be seeing it that way.)

A DPS Main

I guess it will come down to this



This is ridiculous it’s already impossible to get her cute spray and now it’s just gonna be worse

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I’m inclined to agree, she’s always worked with this way so why “fix” it, it may be classified as a bug but it is a pretty hefty nerf, and not necessary as she’s not exactly dominating.


mercy got to keep her little hop which was a bug, moira can keep this :confused:


Exactly… i have been trying to get her cute spray now for months with no success because it’s very clearly bugged if anything they should be fixing that

Nothing in the patch notes, or anything I’ve read about potential hidden changes, talks about Coalescence changes or nerfs. So how is her cute spray relevant?

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Because if she can’t heal through barriers anymore doesn’t that mean her ult won’t go through them

If this go live they should at least make a slight buff to her healing storage or make it so it charges faster when damaging

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funny, because there’s a change in the ptr where it charges SLOWER while damaging.

makes a lot of sense, yeah?


Even if it was a bug turns out Moira was balanced as she was. This nerf is not needed and will send Moira to the obsolete group… ‘waves hi to Ana’

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Her orbs and ultimate still go through barriers though…


Still making a hero that’s not good at the moment worse for no reason

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Moira is good but she didn’t deserve this.

Didn’t know about that one, what a shame really…

Wait wait wait moira got NERFED!!? first 19 seconds

Hell no, Moira warped the whole game for a lot of supports since launch because of this bug, she should not be able to heal through barriers

Though they need to bug fix it so that she can heal if the ally isn’t completely covered by the shield

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eeyup, she can’t contest payloads with fade anymore either. i hope these are all just bugs. :confused:

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Healing orb.

20 characters.

These are all things she should have never been able to do, if they warrant a buff she’ll get them soon enough

This is going to have a huge impact on Moira’s overall healing because this meta is pack full of shields. I see Mercy going back to the must pick primary healer.