Dont buff brig. Rework her

You dont get punished as much as rein is what i meant

You do if you’re where Rein is lol. Obviously if you’re using bash defensively, you’re still inside your team, usually in the back.

Though it is true Bash is easier to control than charge and it’s not all in.

Yea ig higher risk for higher reward for reinhardt

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That’s why he still one shots and she doesn’t lol.

I like old Torb more.

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Tbh the only reason you rework someone should be when you repeatedly nerf them to the ground just because they are that broken. And any sort of buff might make them meta again. Rein and hog didn’t get so many nerfs unlike brig. So yah I can see why brig should be nerfed. If buffing her will make her meta again and the only way to not make her meta is just to keep her the way she is. Then I’d say just rework her.

To clarify you think Brig got nerfed because pros who’s first response to Brig was dropping dive for a double sniper meta… felt she made one shotting too difficult? I been back on these forums for 3 minutes and already feel a headache coming on

Maybe if you weren’t being condescending you wouldn’t be getting one. But yeah that is exactly why it happened, because pro streamers didn’t like not being able to get away with the 1 shots.

Well i see your point but another reason was brig could pack people and make them really op because of the extra hp

For non-pro players yes the extra hp could be a problem but Blizzard doesn’t pay attention to non-pro players

Can’t buff brig without nerfing every other double shield character first, a rework is needed.

The problem is the support roster is too small to be worrying about whether or not buffing Brig will make her meta again. Buffing Brig in a way that doesn’t redistribute her kit’s power would be a big problem. Reworking her could turn into a similar disaster. So it’s better to shift where her kit’s power is than it is to continously nerf her, or rework her.

Let’s not forget that we’re only in this situation because pre-rework/post GOATS Brig wouldn’t fit neatly in the 2-2-2 format. At this point, we should be looking at a revert and toning down parts of her kit as required in a way that doesn’t pander to “Supports are supposed to heal, not deal damage!”

Let’s also not forget that those who argue that Brig needs to be more skillful just mean she should have to aim literally everything because aim apparently = skill.

It seems as though we have different definitions of buff and rework. Buffing brig will make her meta that’s just how it is. From what I gather what you’d want is a mini rework. Because ultimately her old kit of giving armor, having a strong shield, and ok damage just is a bit much. I am fine with a mini rework that changes some of her abilities. Or a full rework. Whichever is fine. I am someone who doesn’t like that heroes are bad purely because they are annoying to play against . But still I think that in brigs case buffing her will make her meta. As we saw even when she was nerfed severely she was still meta. Only after even more nerfs was she not meta. What we need is either a full rework or a small rework.

If they do rework her or buff her they have to increase her difficulty. Its WAY .more easy to get max value out of brig cause of looking in the general direction of your teamate to easily heal them from range and inspire is very easy to activate so if they do it make her have more input. Because geting max value out of ana or bap is much more diffucult then brig. And if they do require more inout reward her for that

Do you read what you write?

Do you have any awareness?

I’m confused, that is sustain.

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If you’re going with that logic every hero needs to be nerfed cause they get ‘free’ value with a push of a button…

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No, don’t Rework her, revert her. Reworks never turn out well.

I meant like not that much more of it. If you want her to main hea take away sustain. Less heals more sustain