Dont buff brig. Rework her

Lots of people are asking for brig buffs but she just needs a rework. It isnt fun that brig has 3 sustain abilities. Either make her a off healer with a bit of healing and give her 250 hp but dont buff her sustain and make her be able to duel and win every character in the game. Brigs playstyle of hit one button for free value isnt rlly fun to play against. And rn brig is garbage. Mostly glad but no character should be bad.


You do know that is essentially how you play Rein and everyone loves him. Only difference is he has a huge shield to protect everyone and not just himself.


The difference is brig has a self heal. A stun as a ability. More hp for herself when she ults. And a knockback not saying she is op but


Brigs self heal serves as her rein shield for her team. Her stun is basically a rein pin that doesn’t put her in danger with the trade off being it doesn’t insta kill people. Just boops them away and her ult is like reins shatter. Instead of knocking everyone down for easy elems it speeds her up and makes her tanky enough to get those elems without the knock down effect.


So you must also be against:
Rein left click

Roadhog heal

Juankrat anything (everything of his gets stupid amounts of value on their own)

Moira ball or right click

Ana nade

the list can go on.

Brig required skillful positioning and situational awareness even before the debuff and even more now. The only reason why Birg was a “problem” was because pro players didn’t like that their 1 hit kill free value didn’t work as well because of the armor she provided.

I personally never had a problem fighting a Brig even when she was strong because I learned how to counter her in any role.

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Yea but its not like a rein pin you can miss a shield bash and not be punished
you can just go back to swinging. And healing and shielding arent the same thing rein has to manage his shield hp and with brig every 6 seconds click on button but with rein its constant and having to manage. And yes they can press a button and get value but difference is they have to aim it. Ana aim it, hog hook aim it. And yeah the only one is junkrat which he annoys me a lot

No it was because she had a 16% pickrate and outhealed Mercy and Ana on average while shutting down half of the roster and making other support heroes like Mercy and Lucio obsolete…whilst being one of the easiest heroes in the game.

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To even get her max healing output, she has to be on the frontline where as Ana and Mercy do not. I don’t know what your stance is on the skill/risk should have more reward but Brig was an embodiment of that.

And mechanically, maybe? Depending on who you ask and who they hate, they will find an argument as to why a specific hero is one of the easiest in the game.
For me personally yes, she can be easy to use; but there are a lot of people who just wasted her kit at poor times. She is also literally countered by everything with range and Reinhardt


Not really brig had a kit that gave her so much sustain that she could get inspire up while being near the front. And she didnt have to risk herself to give someone a repair pack that gave them more hp


No she doesn’t actually. At all. Whipshot is 20m range (5m longer than Mercy) and procs inspire for 6 seconds, on a 4 second cooldown. And then repair packs are 30m range.

You could have maximum healing uptime without being on the frontline at all. In fact she was literally played as a backline support hero a lot of the time. Someone clearly doesn’t know how to play Brig.

And when she DID go to the frontline:

This ^^ Highest self sustain of all supports


It seems to me that most of the time when Blizz reworks a character, they end up breaking said character and making them worse.


Clearly someone doesn’t know how shields works

If the opposing team is playing no shield tanks and Brig is feeding her proc, than good, not her fault that the opposing team is letting Brig get fed. A shield stops that whip.

You are conceding to my point that she has to be on the front line to get max healing

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Well she didnt have to all of the time. When genji was meta, brig could prog off of him. And if u were in frontline she was allowed to do that because OF the sustain

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Yes and no. She can but his buff to deflect kinda helps to stop it

It helped brig cause she could just bash him when he deflected

And that is what separates the good and bad Brig players

Well ig but it really wasnt that diffucult to know that you have to shield bash him when he deflected.

Not Hanzo and Torb tho, both are way more fun post rework

Rein also has to be able to block shatters and the mind games are also incredibly difficult.


Do you play current Brig at all? This literally hasn’t been true since her shield stopped being 500 hp.

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