Does anyone miss shield gen?

It was a more braindead ability for sure.


i feel like they removed it cuz it along with brig armor it is very op every 3 secs on any one with shields that doesn’t get hit will recharge the shields over time by 20 shields a sec you add that with brig armor and characters can become real monsters(you can test this with Zarya and brig) so I’am glad shield gen is gone unless they add a hero that can remove shields or do extra damage to shields with a skill it doesn’t need to be in the game. i was kinda thinking the same thing with brigs ult but then they made it so torb counters her armor. so its not as bad and on top of it you can ignore armor by just using Pharah and Junkrat!

1.) Lol nah its not better than her current ult

2.) Yeah I’m betting they’ll release a shield giving based hero some time.

At least Sombra go to do something more than be hot :sob:

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That’s a good strategy. I’m sad I never used this before her change.

I miss it, only because it means burst damage wouldn’t be nerfed into the ground

I’m hoping like hell that if I can make a Junkenstein custom server where I can play as Junkrat that I’ll hear that line once the Summoner spawns.


I miss it.

Her current ult is…alright; more situational than I would have liked.

Wished we kept Photon Barrier more though.

Stay Positive!
The Brigitte Spaghetti Movement

The glorious days of ACTUAL hide and seek.
Tho it was pretty easy to take out if you knew how… and the enemy not running a D.Va
Suicide Bombing it as junk was very effective and if you only got melted by the turrets she didn’t get any ult charge anyway.

I rather not fight hp stacking cheese comp again

Her current ult is actually worse than her old barrier on E so yes. I really miss shield gen.


It was better no doubt.

Shield gen is way better than this current ult.

i have a feeling they have a sssshiiiiieeeeelllllldddd geeeennnnerrrraaatooooorrrrr

Of course, was very fun setting up a base and watching how the flankers tried to destroy i it also was impactful like buffing al your team and help your other support to survive more. Definitely better ult than Photon Barrier

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As a former Junkrat player. I miss it, I miss that feeling :sob: they have a shield generator.

No. Increasing max health is a disgusting mechanic and I’m glad they’re taking steps to terminate most of it. I’m also glad armour packs are going.

It really wasn’t fun seeing 200 health heroes with 500 health.

Yes. I do, quite a bit.

I liked the Shield Generator, too. Current Symmetra is just so boring. At least I was able to support my team with Shield Gen. Current teleporter is useless since it’s restricted by LOS.


Anyone else think it could be interesting if her current ult acted as a temporary shield gen? As in, when you put it down, it grants 75 shields to all allies in range (Which is essentially the entire map)? And then the shields go away when the ult ends/breaks?

It’d make her ult a lot more tactical than just a giant wall, and make it have more swing potential in team fights. But it also wouldn’t be annoying by enabling armor+shields on heroes like Tracer all game.

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Not with Brigitte on the game right now just imagine a Tracer with rally buff and symmetra shield generator.

350hp Tracer.

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