Does anyone else feel almost powerless against mei as a tank?

so they made her stun faster.

rather, they made her better against flankers and ended up becoming a beast against other tanks.
they never calculated how she would affect low mobility heroes and it shows considering they could have done many changes to push her unto THAT direction.

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If we’re going to acknowledge how worthless Mei/Reaper make tanks, we should acknowledge how worthless Doom/snipers/Pharah make many DPS/supports. It basically isn’t possible to have fun anymore, in any role.

Unless she got you alone, she would die for doing this.

Your bubbles are enough for your teammates to kill her

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They have never buffed the freeze rate, except during the beta.

Only the slow duration and its damage.

The slow buff was to make her stronger against mobile heroes, most notable Lucio and Genji, because those are elusive. This was even given as the reason for the buff in the patch notes.

They made her freeze piercing so she would become stronger against tanks.

The fallof damage was removed to make it on par with other projectiles in the game and to make her better as a Damage dealer (this was during the fusion of the 2 classes), because she had the lowest average damage from all DPS’ers AND tanks.

But most importantly, she was buffed because she was f-tier for most of Overwatch’s history. It’s only since the end of GOATS that her pickrate and hero stats (such as avarage kills and average damage) were starting to become on par with other heroes.

Yes, she was briefly meta, but right now is she just viable.

Players want her nerfed right now because of subjective reasons such as “unfun”.

This is understandable, but at the same time may I do the same thing for heroes such as Widowmaker, Hanzo, Genji, and every other hero in the game.

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oh ye it was duration, my bad i got confused writing

then how can you say they chaned direction with her?

Because the changes she has received.

She was an anti mobility.

But now is she an tank counter.

But reading back does it not shows clearly that they have changed her intented role, so I will retract my statement.

One thing is for certain, and that is that she got buffed to deal with tanks. Clearly is being a tank-counter an intented role. Her slow (and freeze) are her tools for this.

what helps in mei against tanks is her wall, not her beam.
what they buffed trying to get rid of mobility was her beam.

i dont think her freez beam is a way to get rid of tanks fairly, its clearly made against mobile heroes to begin with, i would not mind if became a projectile that roots instead of stun.
it would work wonders against tanks while keeping her range to use her projectile.
it would even make her good against mobile heroes with proper aim.

I’m a new player, so take anything I say with a grain of salt…

One thing you need to consider when discussing Mei and her effect on the game is the fact that Mei has her very own appriciation thread that is over FIVE THOUSAND posts long.

Why is that? No other character has anything at all like that. In fact, its the 2.0 version of that thread so there most have been an original to it.

What is it about her character that creates such a strong following? What does she do that no other character can? I’ll give you a hint…

She STOPS you playing the game. She shuts down your mouse and keyboard. She freezes your monitor in place. She makes you sit and watch while other people play the game. Half her kit is about ruining the enjoyment of other people to play the game. The other half of her kit is about staying alive to continue to use the first half of her kit. She is a griefers dream come true.


If I remember correctly, Mei’s freeze makes their dive abilities slower.

As a Mei main, I admit that I’d target tanks first.

  1. They are slower, chunkier and an easier target.
  2. The tanks are avante garde/frontline so take out the tank and the rest most likely will fall.
  3. They lack mobility to escape.

So on behalf of Mei players:
“Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry…”

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Mei has hard cc on her primary. No tank has that.

this forum is full of bots who want the game to win for them. so you arent going to get much support. but yeah, mei is broken and more or less removes tanking as a mechanic from the game. she’s most of the reason bunker was meta.

its the same people who had a mercy appreciation thread, and a brigitte appreciation thread; when both of those heroes were absurdly broken. which is why it took a year and a half to balance mercy, and why it took a year and a half to balance brigitte, and it will take another 12+ months before mei gets balanced.

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I’m of the firm opinion that although the ptr is headed in the right direction, the state of the game will not be good until Mei is either reworked/nuked/removed.

Mei does literally everything as of right now. Contesting snipers? Check. Good as a close range brawler? Check. Good at mid range? Check. Has hard cc on her primary? Check. Has an outrageous amount of tankiness for a dps hero? Check. Has a method of displacement/isolation? Check. Has an ult better than grav and shatter COMBINED? check check and check.

It’s safe to say that right now, Mei is the single best character in the game. Her kit is by far the most versatile in the game.

or it means you are a tank and you have to push into their team to get value. which means getting frozen.

reaper and doomfist also fulfill the role of countering tanks. so does junkrat and bastion. but all of these heroes are more fair, because they can be outplayed by tank players. and mei cannot. you have to pick orisa, that is your option.

its so weird Orisa’s been meta ever since the mei and reaper buffs…

It’s also in part due to Orisa having an overloaded kit tbf but yeah the only way to counter mei is playing Orisa and even that can be unsuccessful.

Orisa is still weak to rein zarya right now, unless there is a mei behind her; rein zar rush her down and kill her. on the live patch. she’s always been weak to rein. thats parrtially why she’s never been meta though very little was changed about her since her release in like, season 4. the other reason Orisa has never been meta was because tracer and pharah, and other flankers, dominate her as well. but that changed with supports consistently being able to out duel flankers. and with the live version of moira, there is too much healing for flankers to do anything anyway.

As an Orisa main that also plays Mei.

It’s nice to be on the other end of the freeze gun once in a while.

If you’re an Orisa main, i recommend picking her up. Her icewall placements plays a lot like Orisa’s barrier (if you’re the aggressive type) and you’ll be able to make do while you learn how to use her properly. Plus putting your icewall on top of the enemy Orisa’s barrier tends to be bad for the Orisa.

Saying D.Va is a low danage tank, kek
The only tanks that rival her damage are hog and zarya. She deals decent sustain and does decent burst with missles.

She does struggle against mei though because she can’t do anything about freeze.