Docked 50 SR, still won

I was just mentioning it since you were pointing out that it was just my word

Wouldn’t matter. Blizz stated they will never restore loss SR.

This. I’ve had it happen before. Major bummer but it wouldn’t be fair for a leaver to return at the last moment and be rewarded for their team being clutch without them.

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More likely … you get disconnected in attack, your team does nothing for 2-3 minutes while you’re gone, you get back, now it’s 6v6 again, your team pushes and win. You still get penalized which means you should not have returned at all … you could have washed the dishes or something, while the game ends and penalty expires :man_shrugging:

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I don’t regret going back to finish the game, even if I received no reward for it. There’s value in the victory without the reward, and I felt better that the team was ultimately not let down by my computer troubles.

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The “rendering device lost” is OverWatch’s error code to say the graphics card shut down during the games operation. There are many reasons behind this.

First if you own an NVidia RTX 20X0 series graphics card, there is an ongoing investigation to this error. The last I heard on this is that NVidia related a new driver and is asking for those to update to that driver and the latest Windows operating system update to see if it works. If that does not work there is a workaround solution here:

Please note that if you use any other graphics card to follow standard troubleshooting steps here:


It happens unfortunately. I’ve observed not too long ago that if you return to a match you left, within the allowed time, you still appear to be penalised as if you never returned to the match. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it seems to be. It never used to be this way, a long time ago you were still given the appropriate reward and not punished as long as you returned to the match within the allowed time of you leaving it. Whether this is a bug or not I don’t know.

The rules are players must return with 2 minutes after leaving to not get penalized. In most cases it is difficult to return within that amount of time.

Yeah but I’ve seen a few cases where the player even returns within the timeframe but is still punished, so I assume this is a rare bug.

The last time I ever had an opportunity like this to test it myself it worked correctly. Unfortunately I cannot use the PTR to test this, even though Competitive is open, because the role queue beta is working under arcade competitive rules in terms of leaver penalties and only a 15 second window is available in that mode.

I wish they would change the competitive rules to prevent closing games after winning the first teamfight because someone is salty on the other side or on my side.

And having 5v6 for the rest of the game is not a very good solution as well but that’s probably another subject…

If a team is capable of winning a team fight so quickly, It is important to check to see if you’re even playing against six players to begin with. It most of these cases a sixth player never made it out of the spawn room, because they are either AFK or had a disconnection problem and timed out.


lol what is even the point of coming back in that 2 min if you still lose points afterwards.


I personally make every effort to try to return to a competitive match, even if it goes beyond 2 minutes. While I know I will get the penalty if it takes too long, I will consciously feel better if I can try to help get the win for the rest of my teammates.


Could have also been the case but I’m pretty sure not always. I just don’t see the difference between rules when a game is going on for 30s and for let’s say 5min. The game should not suddenly end.

People que for Ranked knowing they have a bad connection? Or no time anymore?

I’m just hoping there might be a solution in finding another player willing to fill in that Role even tho he might miss a crucial fight.

Maybe that player would not lose SR at all or win more SR when actually saving the whole game.

I’m not sure if it can be fixed just saying it can be a really bad experience.

If you disconnected and didn’t return, it would be a loss of 50 sr. If you return and won, it might only be 25. I would personally return and try to help and minimize my losses. If that doesnt sound like a good deal, you could continue to just lose 50 every time like normal.

Sportsmanship. Honor. Reinhardt Reinhardt Reinhardt.

You come back to help your team because you have basic human empathy. This is a team game, and you don’t let your teammates down like that.


Sorry but only wasting my time if i still lose points afterwards despite my team win.