Docked 50 SR, still won

I personally make every effort to try to return to a competitive match, even if it goes beyond 2 minutes. While I know I will get the penalty if it takes too long, I will consciously feel better if I can try to help get the win for the rest of my teammates.


Could have also been the case but I’m pretty sure not always. I just don’t see the difference between rules when a game is going on for 30s and for let’s say 5min. The game should not suddenly end.

People que for Ranked knowing they have a bad connection? Or no time anymore?

I’m just hoping there might be a solution in finding another player willing to fill in that Role even tho he might miss a crucial fight.

Maybe that player would not lose SR at all or win more SR when actually saving the whole game.

I’m not sure if it can be fixed just saying it can be a really bad experience.

If you disconnected and didn’t return, it would be a loss of 50 sr. If you return and won, it might only be 25. I would personally return and try to help and minimize my losses. If that doesnt sound like a good deal, you could continue to just lose 50 every time like normal.

Sportsmanship. Honor. Reinhardt Reinhardt Reinhardt.

You come back to help your team because you have basic human empathy. This is a team game, and you don’t let your teammates down like that.


Sorry but only wasting my time if i still lose points afterwards despite my team win.

Would you rather lose 50 sr or 25?

I rather like to not waste my time.

If i have to lose 50 SR for that i fine with it.

Well than that’s on you. If you DC and dont make it back in time you deserve the punishment than. I personally would return if I could mitigate the damage done.

Even if i come back in time i still get punished lol no matter if my team lose or win.

Sorry you feel that way. I hope every dc on your team feels the same way. :smiling_imp:


You disconnected.

Too bad.
So sad.

I will play the world’s tiniest violin for you.

It happens. Just play more games and win back the SR.

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If you leave come back and win I don’t see why you would lose point. Your team still won it’s not like any one is getting hurt by it.

Your fault, in fact you should not touch ranked at all until you not fix this issue.

Actually i never dc because i have stable internet lol.