Do you think 3-2-1 will be implemented?

As a competitive player i would prefer 1-3-2 instead of 2-2-2, it is so fun to play and feels more dependent on individual impact. 2-2-2 is just stagnant structure, someone does mistake, whole team suffer.

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I mean, the Damage screaming has led to the creation of the Experimental section and a mode for them…

Seems more like there’s some internal division at the very top if they’re putting so much time into a mode that may or may not go forward. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes and what comes next for the Experimental thing and if they do a post mortem on the 132 if it doesn’t go through :thinking:

Other than Damage queue times what else does it solve/what other problems do you see?

Did anything else interesting happen on that front?

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Few days ago, you can probably use a dev tracker to find it. He said that the feedback has been very polarized but weighted toward the negative, and as such, he doesn’t see it going through

As an addendum to my earlier post, I will say I’d be fine with it as an Arcade mode. I don’t really care what they put in there as long as I can get lootboxes for playing

You keep saying this in different threads but there’s also been a lot of negative feedback and a lot of the support I’ve seen is from people who’ve been away for months and came back to try the experiment. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of confidence those people wouldn’t just drift off as soon as the novelty wore off. For that matter some of the other support it’s getting is from people who think it would be the “End of all metas” That’s cute. Like a meta wouldn’t form.

I know there’s a lot of people who will say “I support it and I’m neither of those” to them I’d say, relax, I’m not saying this is all-encompassing. But you can put me down in the tried it and hated it pile.

It is fascinating to watch. They mentioned that they had 222 planned for a quite a long time and were doing changes with that in mind but they still seem so flat footed on when a meta gets locked down… Like Jeff alluded to in 132 discussions, I wonder if there’s some office politics at the top as to what direction things should go and what issues get the most focus :thinking:

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No, the fact that many heroes would have to be rebalanced makes it impossible to go live.

no the insane que times is what did that.

tanks dictating every meta

healing power creep

snipers being the only usable dps (bursty damage in general)

dps feeling like they have no impact in a game

I had it uninstalled for a while but put it back on my pc to try out 132, and I like 132 a lot, it makes me love to play overwatch again, make no mistake, I don’t like talking badly about overwatch I love the game, its the first game to make me want to play games on pc.

that being said it has devolved to something I don’t like, and 132 gets rid of a lot of what I don’t agree with and Im hoping it goes through. that being said if it doesn’t I do fully plan to uninstall again

From what I’ve seen so far:

  • Most players don’t like playing tank which has been a big problem for 2-2-2. Tanks just aren’t fun for most players, and there aren’t enough for 2-2-2 to keep the DPS queue time down. Making the tanks awesome raid bosses broadens the appeal of a role that for most people is considered pretty boring (usually acting as a damage sponge slogging along while babysitting healers).
  • Healing is more dynamic. Healing lately has been pretty boring, basically playing on rails tailing behind the safety of tanks. With more DPS running around healers have to pay attention to more variables happening across the battlefield which is very satisfying. Everyone is more vulnerable with one less tank as well, meaning that positioning and using the environment for cover is far more important, that gamesense regarding your teammates/enemies locations is more important, and also that healing has even more impact on the direction battles go.
  • More DPS are viable. I’ve seen far more Symmetra’s and Torb’s comfortably join the battlefield without anyone complaining or feeling that they’re threatening the chance of winning. Having the extra DPS on the team means you have more high mobility damage that can fluidly move between fighting and also covering for utility heroes when they’re under threat or their utility abilities have been destroyed on the field, and this without having to worry necessarily about the tanks or healers being left completely unsupervised.
  • Battles are no longer double shield poke battles waiting for the enemy team to slip up and make a mistake that you can take advantage of. Matches are more action packed, frenetic, organic and free. Individual skill has a greater opportunity to shine and have impact, not just for DPS but for tanks and supports as well. Teamwork and coordination to set up plays is still important.
  • This point is subjective, but for me at least it’s more fun. Lately I’ve been finding 2-2-2 to be kind’ve a chore, but I willingly go back to play 1-3-2 and enjoy it. It’s not balanced and could be better but if fun factor counts for anything it definitely fixes that for me.
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Is this a joke? It literally only solves queue times, and imperfectly at that.

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it solves the problem of dps feeling like they have 0 impact.

it solves the problem of healing feeling oppressive

it solves the problem of only burst dps being viable

it solves the problem of tanks being the only class to dictate meta.

you were saying?

Simple truth is that, if our dev team is around 60, we’re dealing with 60 totally different people

If they were all like Kaplan and Kaplan was head balancer, would be a totally different game

Still got to fix the supports impact problems.

The issue is the balance changes which would happen the moment that 132 went live would be NOT so much fun in the DPS roster.

Flankers, Snipers, Mei and Sombra would ALL take some big fat nerfs to the face. As a Mei main, I even agree that it would have to happen, but the rest of the DPS players would NOT be so happy about it.

Once the balancing thing was finished, you would have a LOT of unhappy DPS mains.

I’d be happy as long as Mei was still viable (and likely she would be), but the salt would be beyond belief.

The DPS who are happy at 132 now, don’t realise what would follow.

Sniper stacking breaks 132, so the snipers have to be balanced around sniper stacking.

Flanker stacking ALSO break 132, so flankers would have to be balanced around flanker stacking.

Hero’s which nullify tanks ALSO break 1-3-2 so they would also take nerfs.

A lot of DPS players LIKE 132, but they are playing heroes which are kinda broken in that mode, and when they STOP being broken…

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One thing I will say is I absolutely love solo tanking. I feel so important with so much responsibility on my hands.

I disagree, they all are trash in 222 I think they would all be where they need to be in 132 hold maybe for mei

the reason I say it fixes the issue is they feel impactful and like they can win games in 132, nerfing them would take that ability away

Nope - Sure considering 50% of the playerbase is DPS, and it was a DPS clown fest mode you’re going to see support for it. OTOH, there is another 50% that matter and they were for the most part not into it. They matter too apparently.

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Currently sniping / flank stacking is broken as hell, so you know it won’t be left as is.
Mei / Sombra just removes the raid boss, so, they can’t be left in that state.

The DPS changes are going to be harsh as hell.

I don’t think y’all have thought this through.

I DO think that making supporting harder IS the right path, since it gives more chance for more skillful support players to shine, EXCEPT…

Sniping hard counters supports in a way where their skill doesn’t matter - removing their contribution from the game, and so does 3 flanker teams.

Why would you queue for that?

I’d like 132 to get through, but, don’t for a moment think that the DPS won’t take some HARD HARD nerfs to the face over it.

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And the ensuing screaming… =_=

Well the Tanks only have 3 choices for “main” so it ends up being whoever the strongest least countered one gets the guernsey whereas Damage is large enough that there’s a pick for any meta. Tank is the bottleneck.

The Support class has also been smacked down across the board.

Widow/Hanzo is def a nightmare to play into…

I dunno I find that Tanks/Supports can definitely lose you a game a good player on any role will have the biggest impact on Damage :thinking:

Well I meant more I the sense has that Valaourant game had any news but…

What exactly does it get rid of that you don’t agree with?

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I do not think so, I am seeing more dislikes than likes.

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I have not seen a pro-2-2-2 thread that has nearly as many likes as this pro-1-3-2 thread (almost 200 likes):

…and I’m here in the forums all the time and most threads have been in support of 1-3-2, I’ve even trawled the reddit threads on the subject, not sure where you’re looking that is leading you to think more people dislike it than like it.

From what I saw the Tanks were barely buffed… Looked more like pre goats/double shield nerfs than any sort of raid boss.

Would be interesting to see what sort of numbers if they had’ve kept it around for while. Whether the increased pressure on that one tank/two supports being outnumbered and ganked eventually reduced the numbers of these roles.

I dunno, I lost interest cos I barely had an impact on the match outside of a good ult rather than any on rails feeling :thinking: These changes heavily favour Mercy/Lucio then my preferred ones of Bap/Zen/Moira though so I’m not super interested on that front.

Mmmmm, I have no idea of course but I feel like when the game first came out. There weren’t any set metas and expectations, but given enough time I reckon it would end up with something set in stone.

How…? Teamwork is pretty damn critical in 222 and any past forms of the game as is any sort of individual skill.

Also a lot of that frantic free for all is kinda at the expense of the solo tank and two supports who have to mobile or dead…

I guess fresh is fun, that makes sense. It would be interesting to see the longer term impacts of it but I guess that’s probably moot as per Jeff’s post suggesting it won’t go through.