Do you think 3-2-1 will be implemented?

I’ve been seeing a lot of support for it on Reddit and here in the forums as well. I play a lot of support and enjoy 3-2-1 so far, I don’t usually enjoy the team modes much but 3-2-1 keeps me coming back over and over. I think with some balance tweaking it could work.


I sure hope not.

And Jeff indicated that it probably wouldn’t. He said that most feedback has actually been quite negative


He said that on the first day, though. People didn’t have a lot of time to test it out yet. Since then there have been a LOT of people in support of 3-2-1.



Jeff already said that it had a negative feedback. And it’ll mess up with the balance changes that they’re (trying) to do :thinking:

Oh and I’m not against 1-3-2 (I would like more to be only one Support!)


While the sentiment might have changed since then, I highly doubt they are going to do it anytime soon.

It could be a possibility much later down the line, but don’t hold your breath.

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I hope so.

That being said, I hope they tweak it more and let us test it again, before they do so.

It would also be really nice if they could do something similar to the Role Q beta. So, we can place and actually test it in more “fair” and competitive match environment.

All in all, I hope we go down this road (132 being the main way to play the game), eventually. But I do know that it needs more work before we do so.


These are good ideas, if they do implement 3-2-1 I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a beta for testing.


Agreed. I think it would be nice if we saw three more versions of this before live

Version 2: add in support changes (experimental card)

Version 3: add in DPS changes (experimental card)

Version 4: a proper 132 competitive beta season thing

By doing it this way, they can change a little at a time, and have us try it out as we go. So we can try to get that game mode into a decent state before we make it the main mode.

honestly, that was one of the biggest mistakes that they ever made with the original Role Q. They didn’t balence for the idea before implementing it.

Obviously, I know that they can’t balance for everything, at every moment. But, they should have tweaked stuff before that became the main way to play. Instead, they left the game as it was, and then tried to fix it later. If we do 132, I hope that there is some pre-balance put in place before it goes to the main game (QP and Comp)


Hope not because as it stands now it needs a lot of changes.
For starters it feels way too much like FFA.


In a way it does, it feels more open, free and organic, but as a guy who loves playing FFA I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

And we all know Reddit’s judgement is always sound.

It better not be implemented. Garbage game mode.

I don’t understand, you guys already have a game mode like this. It’s called Quick Play Classic, AKA “No Limits.”


Yes it will most likely be implemented.

Blizzard is only teasing it for a week: long enough for players to fall in love with the idea of “overpowered” tanks and the availability of the Damage role while not sticking around long enough for players to realize how awful the game mode is and actually begin to hate it until it’s already too late.

Remember, the whole point of 1-3-2 is to reduce Damage queue times. Nothing more, nothing less.

Imo it is an awful bastardization of the game and should not go through, and I was a strong proponent of 1-3-2 comps and 4-1-1 or 1-1-1-3 when the 222 debates were going on before role queue.

The main problem is that the Support role has been nerfed too much to be effective in the 1-3-2 environment, especially on Defense.


I’d like it to be a card for Arcade. It’s more fun than QP.



3 Tanks + 2 DPS + 1 Support?

That’d be crazy, but I’d love that. Closest to GOATs we’ll get, right? Reinhardt + Zarya + Winston + Doomfist + Mei + Lucio?

I dont trust what jeff say, so i guessing it is possible
For people who say no, because of jeff… ffa mode is an example. It was told to not be added to this game. Yet, here we are.
All depends on their own personal opinion, and if they realy want to go throught all changes they did and consider what will be problematic for that line up this days and change heroes up.

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No, the OWL S3 has already started and that alone means zero chance for a 132 swap over until OWL is over.

Yet at the point OWL is over we are getting close to what IMO is a target OW2 launch window for holiday time 2020 with the new console launches. Other wise Blizzard is missing out on millions and millions of possible dollars in early sales.

and right now 132 still plays absolutely terrible in try hard mode. It’s double sniper and long range hitscan and you just get burned down at range when on defense.
Almost nothing you can do about it being just one or two shots can 100% end any/all team holds.


I certainly hope not.

If it becomes the norm, that’s me done with Overwatch as a support main.


I would love for it to be implemented, and I would come back to playing it as my main game if it did.

but blizzard caters to whoever screams the loudest so it probably wont.

it solves all of the issues in overwatch currently and would be the best solution to implement, but blizzard never learns so I doubt it will.

oh well guess ill uninstall overwatch to make room for valorant


I think it won’t cuz the dps queue times seem to be unaffected. In which case - 222 all the way imho

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I wouldn’t mind honestly.

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