Do the overwatch devs actually look at the forums?


why would they? they have all game stat and the forum is a horrible place :stuck_out_tongue:


They do, but we are not entitled to a response. Ever.

And apparently some people dont know it and … honestly seeing the “latest” daily, i can see why they are not more active in the forums.
Half of the posters dont have any clue of anything, and from the other half, 10% are just ragers, 20% are biased or dont have any logical thing to add so yeah … not worth it.


jeff said it
the game is more balanced then these forums will let you think
our feedback is useless to him


I don’t think they well look at the forums. Plus when they said something in the past, it was like they referred to the forums at least 5-6 months before.

Or they look with an enormous delay, or they don’t look well.

Maybe they should hire a Community Manager, that connect Devs with the Community.


There is a community manager: Tom Powers


Blizzard has dedicated team members including the Community Mangers which collect and compile data and feedback which is then presented to the Overwatch team for consideration and review. The new forum platform itself is also designed to expedite this process too.

What is frustrating is that we don’t get a lot of feedback directly from Blizzard. That being said, don’t stop posting, in fact keep posting constructively and reply to other constructive threads on ideas that you like or you don’t think won’t work. Furthermore, a good portion of the questions often asked here have been answered in the past, that is why I created the Developer Post Directory:


you can click on the icon and see the edits.

Ohhhhh they turned that off…


Of course they do why do you think the Mercy insta rez lasted over a year? If a DPS ever sniffs being a little too strong they are insta nerfed.


I mean 60% of the feedback here is absolute garbage tho.


If I recall those edits were to fix spelling and grammatical errors.


Keep dreaming friend

Hope is the last thing thats lost


Oh good, exactly.

Then we need more interaction. He should give us maybe surveys about the game, what we think.
Probably i didn’t see him like a Community Manager because he behave like a Mod that close the thread mainly.

I hope in some evolution of the relationship Community- Community Manager- Devs


Try 90%. For real, an ENORMOUS amount of content on these forums is salty whining about “Hero X is OP/needs a buff” or whining about smurfs, their precious SR, demands for people who ship characters to be purged from the forums, whining about OLD crap like player profiles not being visible by default and “Why can’t I get into grandmasters unless I play with a team!?”

It’s entitled whining. There’s a mountain of it produced every day. Even with a team of 100 moderators they couldn’t be expected to sift through all the inane, useless crap on these forums for the few pieces of useful constructive feedback and alerts about critical bugs or exploits.

The icing on the cake as far as complaining is people who whine about “I don’t have an INCENTIVE to play on the PTR!” Like, here’s a place for people to provide feedback and they STILL complain. Just can’t satisfy them … and the moment you point out all these flaws to them, their brain goes “Hey, you’re trying to say I’m stupid, you must be [conspiracy theory]!”


That pretty much sums it up.
This guy gets it.


Or balance a hero for FFA " Moira is always first nerf her ".


Yup that is pretty much it.
I mean at this point I don’t even flame Blizzard for not looking in this trash heap.


They pay Seagull to look at the forums.


Hopefully not hehe

It’s a joke calm down


This is pure conjecture ,who’s to say it’s not just them editing spelling mistakes ? I doubt they care enough to edit their own words beyonds fixing spelling errors


They do look at the forums, but they naturally can’t/won’t read every post, that would be impossible. OTOH, I do believe if a topic is represented enough say the incessant Mercy posts they definitely see it and make judgements. This is why doing things like bringing up the same thing every other day just with a different wording ultimately works against you, it makes them somewhat numb to the question, even resistant. I am also pretty sure inane posts like “delete character X” are ignored out of hand.