Do the Devs read the forums?

Well that’s not ominous at all.

Given the, shall we say, widespread outcry over the PTR Sombra changes, I feel comfortable saying that we’d greatly appreciate an official blue post about a) the intent behind the changes, b) the concerns Sombra players have brought up, and c) whether or not the changes will make it to live.


They certainly do read a lot of stuff on the forums for sure, but only respond when It suits them, that Is the problem. :sunglasses:


and why can’t you reply to the bastion megathread?


then why arent you guys listening to the majority of the community and only your pro players

junkrat overnerfed

bastion has been trash for over a year

new sombra nerfs she didnt need

mercy is no where near balanced and needs more nerfs

orisa doesnt counter CC properly which is what she was built to do


I swear there is one every single time a mod posts…


You just got baited

I said please, and just hope. The best this community can do, when we want a review of something. or highlight something to devs.

I know it might be hopeless, but I got to at least try.



However, Tom stated in that very post that they are always reading the forums. There is no way they just glazed past the thread with over 1.6k views and 110 replies in less than 24 hours.

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In all seriousness, Jeff cited relatively common opinions regarding certain changes to Sombra during the Seagull livestream. I am sure they do read them. It would be nice, if a thread got to like 1k posts that it earned a response.

I am just imaging them sitting there, seeing all of the traction, and clicking on a buff Winston thread to say they have no plans.

I remember reading somewhere that they purposely dont comment because of how vicious the community is in the forums.

And, lets be honest, a majority of posters who come around here are people who complained about being killed by a certain hero enough times to create a thread asking for a deletion of that hero, or nerfing them.

Combine that overreaction with a dev post that could be taken out of context with a simple word, you’ll have a flood of toxic replies and youtube videos covering it.

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Well, I think we knew that the devs read the forums. A better question, I think, is whether the devs care about anything that is written on the forums?


Unfortunately that’s an assumption. We know they (The Dev’s) check them, but it doesn’t mean they devote a ton of time to it. Nor does it mean someone else isn’t handing off info to them where they are not replying or that they choose one to reply to from a list.

It’s a lot of what if’s but there is no exact answer. They do have a community management team, we know they do, so to say it doesn’t happen would be kind of silly.

I also know for a fact Community Manager’s sit in on Dev meetings from time to time to relay this information. That was told to us by the CM in the WoW area years ago.

honestly i think you guys do a great job it just feels like there are a few topics that get ignored forever but a lot of things do get addressed too

swear on your entire family (past, present, and future) lives and answer this:

is the mercy mega thread ever looked at or is it a trash-heap just to get rid of all mercy threads?

also… why are all the sym and sombra threads not getting a mega thread like Mercy was forced to? they are literally all over same as mercy threads back in the day :expressionless:


Blizzard is always watching

I’m referring to posts made not to the absence of posts.

The lead developer on multiple occasions has made comments that were clearly unaware of significant portions of what people were saying on forums. You wouldn’t be making that mistake if someone was reporting to you and doing a decent job of it.

Imagine Sauron’s Burning eye with a pair or Jeff Kaplan’s glasses over it


I really wish I was on my home PC so that I could photoshop that real quick.


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Blizzard devs are not obligated to comment on anything, no matter how many 1000s of replies the topic has. Most of those are the same 10 players in an echo chamber.

Someone else nailed it. The community here is rabid as hell. One sentence or word can be taken out of context, twisted, constrewed and it create a nightmare for everyone, devs and players. If they reply to a thread saying they dont like an idea, or arent looking at someone, or something like that…people would FREAK OUT. People already freak out when they dont reply, imagine what people will do if they did?

They know the forums are nuts and will take anything they say out of context and they are smart by staying quiet most of the time.

At the end of the they day they are just not obligated to. We dont work for Blizzard and none of us have the privileged to know what they are working on daily. They will respond when its warranted and necessary.