Do the Devs read the forums?

Every now and then I see a reply from them but they aren’t very active are they? Sometimes they go weeks without a reply or update to a popular thread of concerns. When even was their last venture into the forums?

I wonder if they truly read even a quarter of the posts made or even 10%. If they do I feel for them… But also wish they would be more open with us on numerous subjects.

What would the harm be in giving more frequent updates on goings about internally?

Ana buffs
Torb rework.
Is mercy getting changed again or no?

And it doesn’t even need to be game tweaks but maybe on things like voice line additions or skin updates or map changes. Day night cycles anyone?

This isn’t a rant just questions from an impatient fan. <3 (Can’t wait for that Mercy animated short btw that’s obviously coming…obviously) ^^


lets just not go there.
I still have nightmares over the 3 tank meta.


Isn’t the 3 tank meta coming back even without her buff though in hammon?

This seems like an easy question to answer.

*clicks “Dev Tracker” on the top of the forums
*sees last post from dev, 7 hrs ago

Yup, they do read the forums confirmed.


At least the devs mostly love their fans and eventually respond clamly and postitvely to problems. It could be worse like the Star Wars community right now. Employees of Lucasfilms are attacking fans after Lucas left and The Last Jedi came out. Blizzard will answer eventually.


they do occasionally reply i do wish they didnt ignore many issues and addressed them, i wish for example once every 3 months or so they would post what they think of every character, if they are in line for nerfs or buffs ect but i understand they are busy so it is what it is, i mean Michael Chu just replied a few times so that was very nice to see

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that is something that i also love, i can imagine how easy it would be as a dev to read a lot of negativity(not excluding myself) and respond with attacks, they have never done that and i respect that

still wish i knew what they think of roadhog, they might disagree with me and think he is in a great place but i just wish i knew, they cant address everything though

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Because the “”"""“fans”""""" (cannot put enough quotes around that terms) are such lovely, blameless individuals.

Anyway, as for the devs. Yes, they do read the forums, which, again, isn’t part of their job. Normally, you’d have people read the forums and send a summary of things to the dev team.


No impatient is pretty much exactly what it is.

Things don’t happen over night. Otherwise the way you make it sound so much changes happen they can make 10 new games a year.

I don’t believe the main developers personally read the forums everyday, but they probably have at least some interns or something of that fashion looking into possible topics on a daily basis and relying information back if it sounds good etc or there is too much vocal feedback

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To be fair with the “fans”, forced diversity ruined the franchise. I mean they changed Lando’s sexuality. They changed an already developed character. You just can’t do that.

Dark times we live in for pop culture icons.

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I’ll take some tank meta over the mercy meta… it’s getting boring having her always picked and told to switch to Mercy when I pick Ana.

These are indeed troubling times within the Kingdom of Pop Culture. Soon reboot will be made with every male character being female and vice versa, just like Lord of the Flies. Seriously though, how does that work? Lord of the Flies had the message that people, especially men, can become primal again because we as people are aggressive.

Just because they’re not replying often doesn’t mean they aren’t reading.


They think women want this female casting in films. We don’t. At least I don’t, I don’t find other women funny or very entertaining honestly…

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You can’t change what was never there (Lando’s sexuality was never firmly established, be it in cannon or otherwise) and yet was there all along. (Have you seen Lando Calrissian? I’d be more surprised if he wasn’t.)

And the “”"""""“fans”""""""" don’t deserve any fairness. If you think that harassing an actress because a fictional character loves every kind of people is a good move, you’re a terrible person, period.


I hope so. Knowing they see the at least positive feedback is comforting, when you love a game and just want more of it… updates galore!

I’ve noticed that they only reply to ‘positive’ posts, and none critical. It’s pretty pathetic.


Im guessing their infrequent responses are in large part related to whether or not there’s a consensus about the various things the playerbase ask questions about. Considering how often ideas or thoughts are subject to change, its likely they simply can’t give an actual answer until they have one that won’t potentially be incorrect later.

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