Do the Devs read the forums?

They read it once a month and have a hat with a set of numbers each representing a thread on the forum and are allowed to pick 2-3 numbers. Whatever number they pick is the thread they can post in.

Wow, ti’s almost like it’s not part of their job, and it’s something they do on top because it’s fun sometimes, when people don’t hurls insult at them from behind their screen. Go figure.


Ofc they read forum bcuz if you post about “during suspension experience” they will close that thread

I am a Baation main from the 4500 posts and 320 likes Bastion is forgotten thread…

No they do not…

As a normal member:


It’s not that the posts insult them, it’s ANY form of critique. They completely ignore anything that is borderline negative, which isn’t great; especially when the community needs answers.

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Im sure someone does, you just can’t expect any action on something because it’s been said here, even if we said it a thousand times lol. It’s just here for us to discuss and them to observe and do what they wish with the comments.


Again: they don’t actually HAVE to do it. At all. They have every right to chose whichever topic they want to address. But, hey, I guess them wanting to have a good day is pathetic to you.


That’s not an excuse. It’s a job, they should do it regardless whether or not it is “fun”. Stop trying to find an excuse for something that is clearly one-sided.

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It’s. NOT. THEIR JOB. They are developers, NOT community managers. Devs DO NOT have to engage with the community, they do because it’s sometime fun, and sometimes, they don’t because there is some smarmy chucklenut calling them pathetic for no good reason.

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They shouldn’t have a forum then if it isn’t their job. Do you wanna know why this forum is so damn toxic? Because no questions are being answered. If the community have genuine concerns, they should be addressed regardless.

And you seem to be pretty frustrated. It’s ironic how you’re insulting me for calling the community service on here pathetic, which it is, yet you’re still insulting me. Good argument.


So just because it’s not the devs job to interact with us, which they still do, by the way, they shouldn’t have forums? That makes absolutely no sense.

And I’m not frustrated. I’m just infuriated by cowardice, entitlement and hypocrisy. Sorry, guess my parents raised me right or something. The real reason this community is so toxic, is because people like you are a part of it, sadly.



You only see responses from them time to time because if they tried to read and respond to the many threads appearing on this forum, they would never get any work done.

I know this because I may or may not get any work done during the day and I can’t even scratch the surface of this place lol.

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Those kind of things would normally be handled by a team’s community managers, but Blizz, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to go that route.

Also, anyone saying that it’s not part of their job to read customer feedback doesn’t deserve to have customers.

Look, support Lucasfilms all you want, but don’t ignore the fact that The Last Jedi had a terrible cast of characters or a terrible plot. You also can’t ignore how Kathleen Kennedy is putting forced diversity, but not making these characters interesting with their personalities or backstories. As MKL Jr. said, “I believe in a world where people would not be identified by their skin color or their gender, but by their character.” Well I stick to that. The new characters are terrible and lack character resulting in also bad plot. On top of that those who bullied the actress aren’t real fans. Some of those pages who bullied her only had like 40 followers (confirmed most as bots too). They supported famous Star Wars pages and therefore made fans look like horrible people.


Man, if I were them I’d honestly never respond haha. People hang on EVERY WORD they say. People are like “Did you see where Jeff didn’t use a comma where he should have? Is that a hero 29 teaser?!?!?”.

I’d be terrified to respond lol


There was a post quite some time ago that basically ask the same question. They responded with something to the effect that they read the forums daily, but aren’t obligated to respond. I wouldn’t want to respond to some of these threads either and especially when there’s no update in sight yet, (AKA Bug fixes, etc.)

Them saying “We’re looking into it, we’ll have an update soon” is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear so it’s better left unsaid.


I’m surprised they still rely on these forums to be honest. Whenever I come to these forums majority of the time its just childish complaining and toxic cruelity to the developers for doing this or that “wrong”. The Overwatch Developers are truly dedicated to this game, because if they weren’t they would’ve ditched these forums long ago.

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Knowing how this community reacts, I don’t blame them for not saying much unless they have certain ideas set in stone. Giving even one hint will result in 100+ threads of people complaining that it’s not what they wanted for xyz hero.

But I do believe they lurk.

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yes, they just choose to ignore 90% of what we say. :slight_smile:

Do you blame them? Only 5% of the stuff on this forums is genuiene advice, helpful information or feedback. The rest is toxicity at its worst, and even if it’s higher then that. The devs don’t have the time of day to try to sort through it all.