Disconnecting in Competitive

When disconnecting in competitive, you shouldn’t lose sr if you join back instantly. I am literally being kept out of plat because I disconnect and rejoin the game, sometimes still winning, but still lose the sr. I cant fix the disconnecting issues because its un-fixable. I think they should have it where if u dc but join back as fast as you could, like within 2 minutes, you still get the sr for winning, or at least a small percentage of your sr taken away, but not all of it. I understand if somebody dcs and the game finishes or you dont join back, yes you should still lose the sr, but if you join back, you should be rewarded for helping your team finish and wining the game.


This has happened to me 3 times in the last 3 days. And every time its when we are winning. I have a more than decent setup and broadband speed still the game just disconnects and I got a 5 min ban and then 10 min ban after that. I lost nearly 150 SR because of this. Its extremely aggravating and there is nothing I can do. I play similar games like Dota 2 where if you disconnect for more than 5 minutes then you lose you “SR” but here is Overwatch even if you dc for like 10 seconds you lose all your SR. How can the devs be so inconsiderate regarding this I have no idea. They MUST add a reconnect check for players when they rejoin. And I am certain its not an impossibly difficult task to do.

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Yea I originally put it in the competitive discussion, but it got moved to here… Ill post it in the general forum.

I keep getting DCed both in qp and comp. had to stop playing comp for fear of being DCed. This has been happening since a few patches ago and I’ve got really stable fiber optics internet. I never had any issues before and I did try all the troubleshooting steps mentioned (and more)

It got moved here due to the mentions of disconnecting, most likely. If you’re disconnecting regularly enough to affect your SR that greatly, you need to troubleshoot your disconnection issue. You’re risking your entire team’s game experience and SR every time you have this error. Being a person down for an extended period of time (even 60 seconds) is plenty to lose a match on your account, and it’s not fair for your team to have to carry harder for that period of time because you are disconnecting. We’ve got information on some of the philosophy here. If you’d like to simply submit feedback on how long a window we should use, competitive discussion is the proper feedback forum for this.

However if you want to climb rank, I recommend that you troubleshoot the problems you’re having with your disconnections. If you’d like to check into those we are more than happy to do that with you so you can get back to climbing. If you want to do that, try playing in non-competitive modes for a little while and catch a disconnection while running winMTR. Usually those are really useful for identifying the problem.

I get disconnected from a graphics card crash but can restart the game in less than 10seconds. However, Blizzard bans me from rejoining for 10mins when the rule is to rejoin within 1 minute you disconnect. Thus lose 50+ SR because of this.
It is becoming extremely annoying to the point I don’t even want to play this game if this is an ongoing issue.
Am I missing something here or is this a design flaw in Overwatch?

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