Disconnected from Server while queuing then was suspended

I’m having trouble connecting to servers so I relaunched my game a few times. I queued for competitive, tabbed back in and I’m suspended even though I never got in a game.

Looks like a lot of people have having connection issues today.

If you’re suspended from Comp. it most likely means that the servers registered you as being connected to a comp match and then you left and didn’t connect back in thus your suspension and SR reduction.

This happened to me one time. Bliz got DDOS’d while I was in a comp match. We managed to push the cart through the lag to where we needed to win, even got the VICTORY on the screen before it kicked us. BUT it didn’t register on the server side so when we logged back in after the DDOS we had all LOST SR (and presumably been suspended for the 30 minutes or whatever) since their servers registered it as us leaving a match,.