8/19 - Connection to server lost / Unable to connect


Kicked out of Comp because of it, quickplay as well…

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8/19/19 Connection to server lost
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8/19/19 Connection to server lost
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Same thing has happened to me for last two days.
I’m playing Comp on OCE severs from AUST.
Then I’m either at the very start of the game or the middle of the game.
Myself and other people randomly disconnect and lose connection to game server.
I thought it was my internet, so I changed to my mobile internet and I still get the same problem.
It happened to me again just now, I played 1 round of control point, that my team won. Only half way through the second round of the control point match, I lose connection to game server. I then proceed to re-join the match, get back in and it then happens again 3 - 4 more times.
I then finally finish the game with only 5 players as one of my teammates has it happening to them as well but never comes back in.
We then lose the game, I go to re-queue and it says I am now banned or suspended for 2 hours ?
I have also lost a ton of SR from this happening multiple times.

This issue is really bad, and needs to be looked into.
Makes me not want to bother playing the game, if I think this is going to keep happening to me.
Not to mention its very unfair for myself and the rest of my team when it happens.


Can’t play
Fix the game
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Yeah for sure, I was looking into it and saw a number of reports on the forums and twitter but they kept saying everything’s fine in all the recent stuff Ive read - pretty sure its not my internet because all other intenret services and connectivity are fine and theres an influx of reports talking about Overwatch “connection lost” issues now.
Defs seems like a widespread issue, hoping the more people report it the sooner it’ll get fixed.


Yes it seems to be happening to a lot of people


It is for sure a widespread issue and it needs more attention. I hate that the only way to report these issues is through forums that never get responded to. This has been happening since release. Everything is not fine. This is so frustrating especially when you are winning a match only to get server dropped several times costing you a loss, as well as a chunk of SR not to mention the time out. Give us an option to report connection issues ingame, not just on forums so that it can be dealt with and investigated quicker. This is the most inefficient way to get things rectified. It is NOT an internet issue it is NOT a PC problem. It is a problem on Blizzards end. Quite frankly it’s not good enough.


what a beast. speaking the absolute truth


Can’t play, connection to server lost. 1 GB upload / download here…please fix!


Yep I was in a match then two people on the other team left, was like “lul rip other team” then someone on our team left and his dou parter said he just randomly got DC’d then someone else on our team dropped then I dropped.


Damn, yeah the loss of SR has to be the worst.
I’m a filthy casual so tend to play QP or mystery heros on work nights, sometimes comp on weekends but Im pretty relaxed with the game. It’s frustrating for me because its my way to unwind from work and spent tonight trying to get in :sweat_smile:.
But the loss of SR is just like rubbing salt in the wound - that sucks dude.
I do get the need for loss of SR to lessen rage-quitters, but kinda wish they had a way to credit back lost SRs when its an issues from their end.
No point penalizing people for a problem that wasn’t caused by them :confused:


Not to mention that, it actually puts people off playing your game blizzard.
If it keeps happening and there doesn’t seem to be any quick fix or even a reply to these threads to say its being worked on.
Doesn’t really entice people to want to play the game just to be disconnected again…


have you guys restarted your modem? I think that will fix everything for your problem.


Blizzard is that you??? LMAO


why is no support of blizzard replying? are they really helping us?


Meanwhile at Blizzard Headquarters
Overwatch Game Devs- " Sips Tea"


All I wanted to do was play some overwatch fml.


I was excited to play some Moira in comp after being burnt out for a year then this happens :frowning:


Yeahh, this has been happening for a couple of weeks now. People randomly get dc’d on both sides of the team and those of us that are lucky enough not to get disconnected end up playing a 3v3 comp match. It usually starts with the ping going to like 400-800ish instead of the usual 50 and at that point you already know someone’s going to get dc’d or the server will close due to an unexpected error. It’s become so frequent that people on match chat go “gg” because we know the server’s going to close. I’ve had like 8-9 games in the past 3 days where we end up without a healer or a tank especially with the 2-2-2 lock implementation.


Mmm, tbh I’ve noted an increase of others disconnecting in game also.
Normally its like 1 - 3 players a match, sometimes a few cycle out. Now I cant tell if 'Im just lucky to have been unaffected until tonight, or if its getting worse lol

But, this one might be different as it doesn’t seem to be unexpected errors, or lag before disconnect from games.
I noticed initial DCs in game, then I tested doing nothing, and it still happens within less than a minute - this feels different that its just randomly booting people even from menu, or just opening loot boxes, never been DCed so many times while doing idle menu stuff / not in game with these “conneciton lost” errors, could be something else is up?

But I do 100% get what you mean by the increase of player disconnects in the past few week to months


Yup same here can’t connect