Disconnect before even loading into a match

So I was about to start a match of competitive, and it says it found a game but it just stays on the main menu and after a couple of seconds I get a notification saying “Failed to connect to server”, along with a ban and significant SR loss. This also isn’t the first time that this happened, so I was wondering if Blizzard can implement a system that detects if the user left a match at will or by a disconnect and punish accordingly? Or at least allow us to issue an SR refund request?

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Unfortunately, there is no way for the server to tell if someone is pulling a plug out of their modem vs just disconnecting on the network. They also will not refund SR under any circumstances. More info here:

There appears to be a lot of disconnect issues today.

And yeah, as dumb as it is, they won’t do anything about SR loss due to their issues. One time I was playing and Bliz got DDOS’d while I was in comp. We managed to push the cart through the lag and even got VICTORY on the screen. Due to the DDOS their servers didn’t see it, kicked us from the frozen screen and when we got back in later all of us had lost SR even though we won.

Even when they admit they’re being hacked/DDOS’d or just had a server issue that went ofline they won’t do anything to restore SR that people lost.

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