Director’s Take – Looking Beyond Overwatch 2: Invasion

Director’s Take – Looking Beyond Overwatch 2: Invasion

Game Director Aaron Keller is back with a retrospective to the Overwatch 2: Invasion launch and shares a glimpse into the future of the game.

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Let’s take a look at this

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Good read. Looking forward to future changes! A new roadmap would be greatly appreciated so we have an idea of when to expect certain things


Im glad the steam review bomb hasnt discouraged you

also yes its me fight me


I wonder what the release schedule for more Story Missions will look like.

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’’We’ve heard from many of our core players that the game is in the best state it’s ever been, and many have told us that it feels like we’re really listening to their feedback’’

Couldn’t even get past the first paragraph without cackling

Best state ever? Says who? Who is saying that!!!

No one feels like you are listening to feedback. Did you not see steam??? People feel like you are ignoring them and this post just adds more credibility to that belief. Its so out of touch with what people are actually saying

’’we’re also talking about when to bring Flashpoint to Ranked. Barring any bugs or exploits, we’d like to start Ranked matches sooner rather than later.’’

Ummm flashpoint is already in ranked…. Even the director doesnt know what is happening in his own game

’’one of the things that I loved seeing was the Legendary runs that people were streaming online. These missions on Legendary are hard. Super hard.’’

They’re artificially hard though. That isnt a good thing lol. You purposely made the enemies bullet sponges and amped their damage. That isnt increasing difficulty in a natural manner.

Making thing’s naturally more difficult would be like adding more special units and elites to higher difficulties. Having unique enemy types tied to higher difficulties and/or enemy abilities that they are only able to use on higher difficulty. NOT just increasing health and damage. That isn’t difficulty that is a chore.


There is nothing of any substance in this post. Nothing pertaining to the future of the game was talked about other than ‘more heroes, maps’ are coming

No :poop: sherlock

Like the game itself, this blog post is half baked and lacking any actual content

You released a progression system but forgot to add any decent rewards to play for. It’s Just titles and avatars. Why doesnt level 10 with a hero unlock an exclusive victory pose for that hero so people can see how dedicated you are??? Level 25 a emote. Level 50 an epic skin. Level 100 an intro. Why is level 200 just another title and not an exclusive legendary skin to grind toward?

Its half baked

The hero mastery will launch with only 6 heroes available.

Calling that half baked is offensive to half baked goods. Thats RAW


It’s just a repeat of the same old broken record. “We messed up, but the future will be better” Winkyface.



Aaron doesn’t even play the game he’s directing. Not clicking that link.


We also launched on Steam last week, and, although being review-bombed isn’t a fun experience



yet another directors take that makes no mention of addressing just how poorly they have treated their customers…those review bombs Aaron are there for a reason…


For people who preferred 5v5 to 6v6, it could very likely be true. Balance is better now than it was in the past ow2 seasons.


As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in-game.

Yeah, I got a laugh out of that part.


When talking about the PVE (that most players have prob yet to try):

Some of the discussion has been critical, and I’ll get to that

subsequently never gets to that…

43 Likes, is that you behind the keyboard?

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Wonder how the cree changes are going… yall butchered his range to the worst its ever been and in the patch notes you said you made this awful nerf because he was “underperforming”…?

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As a Junkrat main, the thought of this disgusts me.

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Nope! You don’t make the rules.

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Add 6v6 back into the game, who are you getting this best state ever from? Every single version of ow1 is better than every state of ow2.


Copium, copium and copium.


Didnt address any issues with the game, just pretends that everything is great.