Director’s Take – Flashpoint, Cinematics, & the Dawn of a New Hero

Director’s Take – Flashpoint, Cinematics, & the Dawn of a New Hero

Aaron Keller is back with a new blog, shining the light on what’s coming for Overwatch 2: Invasion

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Let’s take a look at this

An actual good read with lots of info.

Was wondering about the flashpoint map set up. The picture helps.

Confirming image of new hero someone extrapolated from the tease was really close. New image implies some sort of turret ult?


There are more hero balance changes coming in the mid-season patch, which include shifting power for Torbjorn and Symmetra away from their turrets and into the rest of their kit, improving the control over Sojourn’s Railgun primary fire spread, increasing the front-line capability of Reinhardt and Orisa, slight adjustments to weaken Zenyatta’s Discord Orb ability, and several others.

Nifty. Some adjustments to curb the power of Torb and Symmetra, and finally a buff to Sojourn’s primary. It really is crap if my latest Tank-runs have shown any indication.

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Internet Detective Squad, go!


It’s funny as there are so many weaker heroes than Rein and so many stronger heroes than Zen, yet they balance purely off of flats’s whims.


I am both excited and afraid of what sym whateverversionweareonnow.0 might be.


This looks really cool! Nice job…


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After seeing the map from top down the point locations are super fair.

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Kinda interested with the new hero. I presume she’s Peruvian from the previous teasers.

Also, who made that Flashpoint map? :rofl:


Flats will be so happy.

People gonna hate me for this but I’ve been waiting for Sojourn buffs for a while now cause I play a lot of deathmatch and she’s like C tier there

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wierd that they didnt mention the anime i saw in another thread? wonder if that means its a different company or not worth mentioning lol


Is Peru really oriented with the Sun or Sun-based Mythology?

Seems more like “how she got her abilities” concept piece.

Keep in mind LifeWeaver’s and Echo’s concept art has them both shooting out their petals/wings respectively. A lot of concept art is exploration and with this, Aaron clearly said it’s a backstory thing.


I’m just worried about there being a Sojourn meta again in OWL.

It got kinda boring before.


Yes. I remember a peruvian forum user did a big long thread about it when the teaser first showed up.

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At this point its save to say the devs have no idea how to balance or what identity/kit the heroes should have and balance around what some streamers and a few high rank players cry about.

How long till every interesting hero gets turned into another Solder/sojourn and is just a generic cod char.

Can we please stop reworking every hero every 5 min?


Yes. Peru has ancient Incan sun god called Inti. Also adopted by Bolivia, Ecuador, and Argentina (all countries are part of the ancient Inca Empire).


Flashpoint is just a Conquest Mode from Battlefield?

It’s Hardpoint from CoD.