Did Symmetra really need to be nerfed?

I am just wondering of all the nerfs Symmetra had do you think they were mandatory?

Of course not. But they don’t want her good.



20 characters.


Seems that way due to the recent nerf.

it was a general nerf to a lot of heroes, not specifically targeting sym


But was it necesarry?

I mean it was considered spam damage similar to Pharah and Junkrat category. The thing is her orbs take a lot of time to charge, travel very slowly and are easily avoidable (easier than those 2). My opinion is that 20 dmg nerf was not necessary just because of these reasons, but they still nerfed it. Now we have to see if they at least make her kit better to compensate, especially the TP.


Yea the 20 damage is pretty impactful. One orb would do 140 damage. So that would leave 60 damage to do which is a second of Sym’s beam worth of aiming. 2 seconds to kill people. But the nerf made it 120 so either 2 fully charged orbs or 120 plus 1.25 seconds of aiming. It made her ttk a lot higher without assistance of orbs and healing already does heal most of Sym’s laser damage in a second. 60 hps for the first 1.33 seconds. of 100% aim.


nobody does, its for the health of the game


Bad players don’t, you mean.


depends on your point of view, the devs obviously have more info than us as to why her orbs were made that damage, so for example if it was made that because they wanted it a certain powerlevel compared to pharah/junk. to us we just see sym bad why nerf but theres likely a lot of thought and reasoning we dont see

They were dialing back a lot of the (failed) buffs they made trying to bust double barrier. Sym’s buffs were one of them.

She was nerfed as a matter of principle, not due to balance.

Ideally, they’ll buff her in ways that actually matter.

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I hope they explain it. Especially with her decline in comp… which wasn’t even good to begin with.

It stems from a lack of communication from the dev team about their long-term goals.

Someone pointed out that reducing Sym’s burst to 120 per orb puts her perfectly in line with other splash/burst damage sources that also max out at 120 per hit. See also: Junkrat.

This is also akin to the devs nerfing Brig’s inspire to be equal to Lucio’s. 15 hps. Then the same to Bap’s AOE heal burst. Again, one attribute they all share being made to be equal.

In theory, this is getting some ducks lined up for good balancing decisions down the line. They are establishing a hard line on a certain class of things, and not letting anything cross it now.

But in both cases, people are (or were) outraged that radically underperforming heroes were getting nerfed. Yes. That did happen. But luckily if someone points out the bigger picture of “Hey, Blizz apparently is working out a plan here, this is at least internally consistent”, we can at least appreciate that. It shouldn’t take a random forum user to interpret for a dev team that we absolutely know has access to these forums and the patch notes and can, at ANY TIME, choose to at least let us know what their intentions are. But hey, that’s the world we live in.


no i dont mean that, i mean the OW community its the same reason they dont like Mei and Brig, Low skill high value characters are annoying not to mention the fact that nobody likes being slowed, which is why people hate sombra and mei, people dont like playing her and people dont like playing against her

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Good thing Symmetra is literally the opposite of this.


It wasn’t a nerf meant for Sym, more like anti-powercreep. Definitely didn’t need the nerfs, but I understand why.

no, shes low skill low value, thats why u cant buff her

How she is low skill? Da heck? To get her rank 3 laser you need to not die for like 4 seconds (of 100% aim).

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Only bad players think this. She’s a high skill hero. Sorry you’re too slow to not die to turrets, that’s more on you than the hero.