Developer Update Video - Role Queue/2-2-2 lock

New update (as expected) released today:

  • Team compositions when I’ll be restricted to two damage, 2 tanks, and 2 support.
  • Players will select which role they want to play prior to entering the game. This insures everyone gets to play the role they wish to play.
  • Will come to both Quick Play and Competitive
  • Competitive placement matches are reduced to 5 placement games per role
  • Both Quick Play and Competitive will have role specific MMR (and publicly displayed SR for Competitive)
  • MORE Bonus Competitive points will pay out if you complete all three role placement matches.
  • The arcade will feature a Quick Play Classic mode that plays in the current Quick Play classic rule set.
  • Brigitte will undergo significant balance changes.

More information:


Role Queue is also in QP.
REEEE storm in 3, 2, 1…

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Roll based SR also.
5 Placement matches per role.

BETA comp season starts on August 13 till September 01 for roll que.

September 01 Roll Que turns on for EVERYONE, QP, comp and SOME arcade modes.

Arcade will add QP classic mode, which will be QP as it is today (no roll que)

Anything else?
Can’t check right now.

Noooooooooooooo muh freedom :frowning:
I liked original overwatch best, people are a bunch a crying pansies.

This is for the best…

Now they just need to fix the stutter/lag spike bug introduced in v1.38 everytime chat logs or voicelines get spammed… game is currently unplayable.

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I don’t really care about role 2-2-2 that much. But they need to have a BIG balance patch revert a lot of nerfs and buffs on characters that were made deal/weaken goats. specifically.

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why in QP though? confusing to say the least…especially if they felt the need to add the current one into arcade… also where is it going…a new slot? replace something else? (god help them if they touch MH :rage:)

Here you go

this is good common sense. i cant wait.

They’re putting casual QP in arcade.

Meets everyone half way.


Since I am gracious in defeat:

Congratulations, forced 2/2/2’ers, I hope you got what you’re looking for.

I’m surprised that they planned to do them at the same time. Thought for sure there would be a gap like with 1HL.

That said even casual players will benefit from a structured QP.

Oof those sledgehammer nerfs to brig tho

Also orisa nerf :sob:

It’ll likely be like No Limits, it’ll only stick around if people play it.

Well if classic quick play is always in arcade should be fine

Well there is Quickplay Classic, so no one can complain about this.


This is the best thing to come to Overwatch

Then play it in Arcade

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