Developer Update is now live (VIDEO Included) - Torb Rework, Halloween Event, Future Plans



  • Torbjorn no longer uses Armor Packs and the scrap collection is gone
  • NEW Ability: Overload - movement speed bonus, firing rate increase, damage resistance
  • NEW Ultimate Ability: Molten Core - Now shoots out pools of magma that does devastating damage including bonus damage against Armor
  • Build Turret - Automatic deployment. No longer builds into Level 2.
  • …more details here:

Multiple Balance Changes (see patch notes, not yet live)

New robust Colorblind options

Halloween Terror 2018

  • New Halloween Themes
  • Continuing to make new cosmetic content
  • Junkenstein’s monster gets a BRIDE!?
  • No dramatic changes to the existing game modes

Team focus on Quality of Life changes versus new modes and outside game features

The final “social feature” has been delayed until sometime next year.

It appears that version 1.29 is not yet live. If anyone on the development team or community team can confirm or not if this new patch is going live today (Friday 9/21), that would be appreciated. Cheers! (^^)v


Thank you for not making it a troll post. It’s actually live.


Nothing for Mercy by the looks of it so far, I’ve not seen all the video yet though. Social feature is delayed to next year. Torbjorn’s changes sound interesting. Pharah changes may be interesting too.


i assume because of focus on hero balancing and QOL


dev update releases

:rage: WHY AM I STILL ANGRY!? :rage:

For real though, new Molten Core sounds crazy. Torb slinging pools of

H O T L I Q U I D M A G M A ?

Sign me up.


Colorblind mode, I hope it’s actually good this time! :blush:


Thanks for the info, friend!


So now it seems like torb’s turret may fulfill more of a distraction giving him and his team time to run in, and he is VERY effect against armor


Thanks for not trolling us OP. I don;t know if I could have taken it.



A change to Orisa’s gun? I really hope this is something that will benefit her.


Well, that felt like a waste of time… Lies and manipulation, just as expected…


I am personally hoping is that they changed the grouping pattern


I’m just now watching it… My palms are sweating…Don’t hurt TORB!


social feature pushed to NEXT YEAR, wow thats disappointing.


This video was 6 min too long. All that mattered was torb/hero balance. Everything else was just rehashing of the same crap that is already live. Really disappointing.


He’s been hurting since release, tbf.


…What? Did we watch the same video?


Ok I can understand this, they are very bussy with the balance stuff but C’MON

“Junkenstein is a very good and funny mode and we won’t change tha’t”

Was funny the first year, not the second and of course nope this third year


can we have more details about other heroes changes? where are the patch notes? and PTR is offline…