Dev Update: What do you think is going to be in it?

Jeff will talk about faster patching and acknowledge powercreep. That’s it.


All they said is that the dev update is going to be about something that addresses the issue of stale metas. So it’s going to be something about faster balancing maybe?

But apparently some streamers have been told about it and seem pretty hype about it. xQc was made to sign an NDA, and he seemed very excited about it, and he’s somewhat disillusioned with the game atm, so it would have to be very good to get him this excited.

Mate you’re hillarious. They already said on the forums they are convinced the game doesn’t have powercreep.

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I don’t think they will reveal a new hero as there really hasn’t been any hints or hype about a new hero. And it’s only the start of the year. We have like a whole year to wait for at least a couple more heroes. So maybe mid-year I assume we get a new hero. I would like to be wrong though.

The new system? Beats me I wouldn’t have a clue to be honest.

And they got appropriately ridiculed by the community for it. And a couple of days later is when the Developer Update was recorded.

The timing makes sense.

Just to add what I said before

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Actually they didn’t. They said the opposite.


read what I just posted. They didn’t say the opposite at all.

What you posted does not confirm your original statement.

They did.

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I think it might be something to do building off of the grouping up feature tbh. This might be their run meaning they’re going all out with this. Which is why emongg winks


I think people are letting themselves get overly hyped by youtubers. This will be about game balance and that’s about it - Jeff was pretty clear in his post that this was balance-related (but not hero bans).

Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

My wish list for immediate fixes (PS4).

  1. I really, really hope they address the sound issues, FFA is unplayable because of all the missing footsteps.

  2. An option to mute all but critical voice lines from specific players as a way to combat non stop voice line spam.

  3. Decreased menu sensitivity / increased dead zones, dead zone adjustment slider and general improvements to menu performance. At the moment the menus are horrible.

  4. A fix to the missing avoided players list bug

  5. Usable Replay UI

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Shorter PTR times and faster balancing.
That’s probably it.

O, maybe even the new gamemode that was shown during Blizzcon.

This game mode was part of the promotion and “reason why going dark” with production of overwatch 2, i would not expect that to drop now, because it would bring players in, and players means more people to show adds about “buy overwatch 2” that for sure gona roll in with the “sequel”.

-nothing for ow1, as usual
-hyping overwatch 2
-git gud players for ow1, buy ow2.

  • seasonal hero bans per map in competitive. We already have a limited map pool during each season. I kinda hope/want that they extend this to ban a handful of heroes on each map, selected randomly per map. This would create map-dependent metas that also change each season. It wouldn’t apply to QP or arcade though.

  • Specific hero upgrades using ingame credits earned during a match. Earn creds based on performance and objective play. This allows gameplay to evolve over the course of a match. This also means that heroes can be balanced by giving them more or less power in the early or late game dependent on items. Items could also be limited in competitive based on rank, meaning that we get a more pronounced meta that varies according to skill/rank based on available items, and items can be balanced per rank.

  • We also might get that mysterious social feature that was announced quite a while ago, but which was delayed due to technical challenges. They might have fixed it, and we could get something like guilds/clans, along with a specific competitive mode just for these guilds/clans, or for 6-stacks only.

Skill Tree or some such. The only way to fix ‘niche heroes’ and the perceived problem of ‘one tricking’: give heroes abilities that they can chose depending on situation.

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Jeff puts a lot of emphasis on faster balance changes so I think that’s it, we’re getting - in fact I think we got it already - a system that allows balance changes to go straight to live servers with no PTR and no need to patch up the game.

Notice how the latest PTR went live without a download? I think the system is already there, we’re just getting an official explanation soon.

I also expect balance changes to be scheduled, like every two or three weeks on a set day, so people can expect changes and be assured they will happen at a certain time period. No more hoping and speculating on the contents of the next PTR. We get it live, no PTR “testing” bullcrap, and we know exactly when they hit.

I don’t know, but I’m excited that so many changes are happening right now. Since we didn’t get any new hero at BlizzCon the game has felt very stale.