Deranking while playing super good

In overwatch2 I win 7 games before I lose 20 games and I still derank even when I’m top damage in most of my games. For example these last games before it changed my rank I went 7/7 with 7 wins and 7 losses and still deranked from silver 4 to silver 5. This seems to be a bug cause I have friends who do worse than me still promote. If this is a bug can you please let me rank up to where I belong. You can see my account and look at my previous wins and losses to calculate where I belong. Its been 4 times I’ve deranked even when winning 7 games before losing 20 with good raitos. Thankyou for your help.

Winning 7 games doesn’t rank you up.

It’s not “Winning 7 = rank up” and “Losing 20 = rank down”.

There’s a hidden number you don’t see that determines your rank.

So your saying carrying with most dps in lobby every game and going 7/7 with 7 wins and 7 loses makes me deserve deranking from silver 4 to silver 5? Im sure your not performing as well as I am and are still ranking up just fine I understand 7 doesn’t guarantee a rankup but I don’t know anyone else who wins 7 and loses 7 playing mediocre not derank the why I am and to add I carry every game I play.

why am I plat 1, win 14 without losing 1 and derank both times??? then I win another 7, only losing 3 matches and I derank a third time to plat III… I am DPS queuing with more damage than both tanks and every other player in the game every time… This has to be a bug. 21-3 out of 24 matches = 3 deranks? My KD and stats are GOING UP every win…

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