Deranked after winning

So i just won 7 games and i got deranked somehow idky. from silver 3 to silver 4, same happened with my friend he got deranked to silver 1 from gold 5 after winning the game. Please check if there’s a bug going on after the new update!

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The exact same thing happened to me, I won 7 lost 4 and got deranked. The thing is after the game when it showed my rank it said i was silver 5, which was wrong, and then it apparently promoted me to silver 1. So all in all the game bugged, dropped me 5 ranks and then “promoted me” to a rank below what I already was. Great system blizzard

Yeah this happened to me it’s so stupid makes me not wanna play ranked if I just derank even after going 7-2

I also just fished another 7 placements, lost 3 and didn’t get promoted lol

Yeah I went from G5 to S5. I got a server disconnect which was counted as a leave. So I assume it’s a leaver’s pernalty (for a crash in THEIR servers, great system Blizzard). Perhaps the same thing happened to you?