Delete Brigitte and literally more people will play the game

or go brig XDXDXDXDXD

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A decent tracer will never get caught by brig


But she’ll be useless as she can’t do any damage.

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And i was joking about removing her. Shes not unkillable but i dislike her waayy more then brigitte


In my experience at least, she can still get plenty of work done. Shes just gotta be a bit more carefull

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Thats only if the brig is afk

Not in my comp games

What’s your rank? lol20charaxters

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How is it that you can claim to have peaked at around 4600 SR but you haven’t seen a Tracer play around a Brig before?


Do you want a screenshot?

Gold. Like half the playerbase

Every time I’m against a tracer I just ask someone to brig and play with our backline and she’s simply not an issue anymore.

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Im not saying brig is weak by any means shes definitely strong but she doesnt make tracer trash tier. Its about 50/50 imo

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I beg to differ.
Only Torbjorn need to be removed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Freeerlo, that’s why some people play her. It’s the freelooooo

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Me, also me. 20 chars

Honestly, I am perfectly happy with Brigitte existing. She destroys people for being stupid. Both the idiots on my own team. Me for being stupid and the enemy team for playing stupid.

The other day in QP. A Genji runs up to our team just after a team wipe except for him and tries to dragon blade the lot of us. Our brig just shield bashes him for his stupidity. Its like, “No, sit the f*** down and know your place idiot for making stupid plays”.

Oh, this reinhardt on my team is going to charge straight into an enemy team from 40m away. Thank god he got shield bashed for his stupidity.


I have always believed that there is no problem that a removal can solve, that a rework/overhaul can solve better.

Brigitte is undeniably hated, but to remove her would be to waste months of hard work from programmers, developers, animators, concept/story artists, modellers, texture artists, and her voice actress. Blizzard put time and effort into many aspects of her character, and to throw it all away is a major waste of time and man hours. It’s just bad practice.

It’s only her effect on gameplay that’s hated. That’s the part of her that can be adjusted with nerfs, buffs, reworks, even a complete overhaul if need be.


I’m not the quitting type, but I would be seriously upset if they did Rework or drastically nerf Brig. She is awesome. I’d be more upset if they did that than if they nerf Tracer, and I’ve got 90+ hours on Tracer, she’s my baby girl. So I’m sure there are lots of people who would probably say they’d quit if Brig was nerfed, even if they don’t really end up quitting. Just like there’s lots of people who say they’ve quit because of her or other reasons and yet still play the game even after the fact.

Funny thing about Overwatch, plenty of people with different likes and dislikes. Definitely just your bias making it hard for you to imagine.


Not sure if this is sarcasm but it’s a terrible idea it’d make her garbage